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Saturday, December 23, 2017

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UFO Sighting in Benson, Arizona on 2017-12-22 18:28:00 - Square craft departing from triangular craft ejecting another craft

I was sitting in my chair as my wife was cleaning the ashes out of the wood stove and taking them outside to dispose of, on her way back a very bright light in the sky caught her attention, she looked up and saw an arrow shaped object on the left very close to a box shaped object on the right and the light seemed to be between the two of them with the craft on the left pulling away from the object on the right slowly. the bright light between them seemed to expand the further the right craft moved from the craft on the left. my wife came in the door quickly and winded, and with urgency in her voice told me to look out the window, and to look now, what the heck is that! and she quickly went back outside then i witnessed two objects seemingly growing farther apart with an immense bright white light between them and i tried to film this with my phone from that window but could not get it so went to the second window and caught it partially when i witnessed a third object drop between the two. when my wife went back outside right after telling me to look outside she could see a third object that appeared from behind the craft on the left it was smaller than the craft on the right meanwhile the craft on the left was continuously pulling away with the same brightness between the two. the object now in the middle which is the small object stayed in place a few seconds and then gradually dropped out of site straight down between the two which i witnessed as well from the living room window before going outside. i rushed outside and began filming the v object headed due south and continued so with no sound meanwhile the light is shining so bright in a beam across the sky that a small batch of clouds in tucson appeared to have a moon directly behind them which was impossible as the moon was due south of me or to my left and could never shine that bright against them to create this effect. with the lighted clouds to my right (tucson )and to my left the v object there was a continuous i will call it straight beam of controlled white light almost like a mist that was brighter than anything we could possibly have man made in my belief. i filmed this object to the left until it went down behind the santa rita mountains i was truly waiting to see an explosion of sorts once it went out of sight thinking something was going to crash but never did. that's when i took another picture of the sky showing the sky area still lit in a trail or path from the original sighting with the clouds in tucson now getting dimmer with light and eventually fading away back to the normal night sky colors. this event lasted approx 5-8 minutes and we are still baffled by what we just witnessed as this was not normal any of it, shortly after the event we started to realize just how quiet and calm our surroundings had been and were which is odd as we live very close to i10 yet we heard none of the usual background noise nor the sounds of dogs barking nothing but complete silence for the remaining prob 40 min. i scanned the sky before coming in to look for airplanes which i can always spot in the south to west skies headed for tucson but for some reason i could not spot any at all in the night skies which never happens. its like the objects took the the sound and everything else away for a period of time with it. my wife is in no way a sky watcher as i am but when she came in the house and with the urgency in her voice something was certainly not right and she looked like she had just seen a ghost and was bewildered and confused about what she was seeing. i filmed this object with my phone until it was out of site and as it disappeared the light bent in like an arch of a rainbow and i was still trying to figure out how the tips of the clouds towards tucson were still slightly bright on the edges as well as a trail of light from them to our back yard skies. it was like the air in a particular trail pattern was highly charged like a mist. but when all the light was gone the sky was completely clear as well as no clouds that i could see anyway. we both are still trying to figure out the purpose of the object hovering between the two objects then dropping straight down through the light to not be seen again. my phone video in no way depicts the amount of light being distributed with the naked eye

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Credit: MUFON

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