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Thursday, December 21, 2017

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UFO Landing in Elblag, Warmian-Masurian Voivodeship on 1991-06-08 00:00:00 - Small object,object pulsated lights

Im sleep in forest,something wakeup me at night i woudlike going piss then i so somebody illuminated eyes first i think its animal.Then it came to me that around me is very quiet, no noise of trees, the sound of my walk is complete silence.When i tried to slowly withdraw two figures, they caught me from behind at the height of the elbows.Then white blue light appeared, steel fossils of fear i was put in the middle of the vehicle, they stoned me in the middle when they called the rest outside, only the red light was burning, they closed the door, we quickly got to the top i felt that we were floating up quickly.The ship which we flew into a much larger ship were in the middle of other ships and from that time i remember only at random what happened to me, i remember the woman in the glazed hall next to where they hooked her some kind of tube, the woman started to grow belly and after 3 5 minutes they took birth, i remember the woman's horror and fear in her eyes.There were constant 2 figures like on the ship and someone who called himself the doctor was higher than them, he also had a few hairs on his head. when i lay on the table i talked with them in my language but they are very tired,we started talking telepathically with say honestly do not remember what i spoke to them.They did terrible things to me, they stuck needles in the eye, they took sperm, they stuck the needle in my head ... and a lot of other things,i was with them for 4 days in different places, i was also on the ground i remember a tall glass building, i remember the elevator ride to the top i remember that there were two strangers in the elevator was a man in uniform with some stripe on the front pocket and left sleeve, he looked at me with pity and anger at them. when we drove up, i could see through the huge glass windows of the roofs of houses, streets lit by lanterns, i wanted to see someone, but the streets were empty.We entered a large room where there were a lot of smaller rooms separated by screens, there were about 20 patients under cover, some people looked there like doctors i do not remember what they were doing to me or what was next. the last thing i remember is how they pierced me with a thick tube in my nose i remember the crunch of a bone with the same ship i returned to the ground they opened the door and i could go out for me some 10 km farther than they took me.When i was standing in the door, i was wondering where i was and what is the year. when i left i saw only one figure in the door. i was on the sidewalk after 10 m, i heard a voice that screamed stop,i did not respond start calling me my name and surname,two gentlemen approached me, they walked very strangely as if they had no knees voice as if it came from a metal belly though they moved their mouths i saw their black car a lot of chromium invisible what could be a brand, i saw it for the first time,they ordered me to forget everything, that i would not tell anyone about it because otherwise my family would take care of it.Then i saw on my hand a glowing stamp with different colors that disappeared after 5 minutes.When they left me, i started to run to my sister's house, i was cruising when i ran into her home, i started drinking water with liters,when my sister saw me, i was very scared, i was confused with the poster i tried to hide. very scared of my eyes, she said that they are very magnified and i look like a madman she kicked me out of the house, i did not say anything about what happened to me 10 years ago, i told only my wife.17 years ago, the x-ray doctor of my head found something like half a grain of rice. that's what i wanted to tell you.I apologize for writing but i use an online translator

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Credit: MUFON

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