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Wednesday, December 13, 2017

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UFO Sighting in Cardston, Alberta on 2017-02-10 20:10:00 - Followed by bright light at close distance while driving on remote highway; no sound, not helicopter, disappeared instantly without trace

I was driving home along a remote highway in february, well below freezing, when i noticed a white light off in the distance behind me. i thought it was another vehicle along the highway, as it seemed to follow the topography, but the speed at which it caught up to me was at least twice the highway speed i was driving. thinking it was another passenger vehicle wanting to pass, i slowed down slightly and veered off to the edge of the lane to allow easier passing but the single bright light did not pass me. in fact, the light did not move at all. it was at eye level with me in my vehicle, and it followed me at a distance of less than 10ft behind my bumper. because it did not pass me, i sped up and the light kept up with me going faster than highway speed as well. it was then that i began to think that something was "off" about this light behind me, as it didn't move side to side like a normal vehicle or motorcycle, and it didn't seem urgent to pass me. i didn't want to pull over as the area i was in can be home to some rough first nations groups, so i kept driving but turned my radio off. there are no street lights on this road, or homes close by, so i couldn't make out the shape of the object shining the light behind me. after these tense 5 minutes, the light shining behind me went out all of a sudden, and i began to feel scared. i looked in all my mirrors and directly behind me to see if the object had turned off on a side road but i couldn't see anything going in those directions. i kept looking around and after 10 seconds a set of car lights coming the opposite way down the highway appeared over the small hill coming towards me. i waited another 25 seconds for the car to pass me and see if there was anything still behind me, but when the car passed i couldn't see anything behind me. i still made it to my destination on time, but i cannot figure out what it was that i saw that night.

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Credit: MUFON

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