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Friday, December 8, 2017

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UFO Sighting in Woodland, California on 2017-12-02 20:35:00 - One bigger and brighter 2-4 smaller more irradic

Walked outside to backyard to smoke cig and look at supermoon. after lookg at supermoon facing east over tall hedge, i turned west looking over driveway and neighbors backyard when i noticed brightlight going back and forth. i thought is that a helicopter no. it cant be not the way its moving. so i took out my phone to get a better view through my camera. when i saw what it was ii said outloud wtf is that> so i started video recording it. then i noticed 2=4 more lights going back and forth. they were solid red and smaller. the biggest one was a goldish white on the bottom with red and blue flashing back and forth on top half. it never disappeared like the smaller ones did. during recording my dog would growl real low and take coupe steps towards back of garage stop with ears up tail pointed and stare few seconds then come back to me. she did that couple of times. so the bigger light would go up and down a little and back and forth mostly. the smaller did same but faster and would disappear but show again only like end of line go forward to certain point then disappear again. so i kept recording until they disappeared for few seconds then i started to record again for approx 17 more seconds just to make sure but they were gone. just like that. gone. so i came back into house and started to check my phone and i noticed there was 3 recordings on my phone. the last one only lasts 2 seconds but i did not record 3 times. ony twice. i was kinda freaked out a little so i uploaded my recordings to my drive and waited for my boufriend to wake up we checj=ked nline you tube to see if there were any other reports but found none. thats when i found you guys. zi losy sight of objests when they just disappeared. just gone>

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Credit: MUFON

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