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Tuesday, December 19, 2017

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UFO Sighting in Athol, Massachusetts on 2017-10-15 00:00:00 - My 4yr old has mad respect direct claims aliens have visited her, she doesn't but talk much about the ufo.

In the past 2 months my 4yr old has made claims to having beings come to her. in october when she first made me aware of this, we were in the bathroom. my daughter was in the tub playing and i was in the mirror getting ready. my daughter randomly out of no where said, "mama a monster came to me" i had her repeat what she said, and tried to make light of it by saying "oh yeah?" my daughter then told me a story of her new friend monster and monsters family, who were described as one being blue and the other being green (her monster she refers to is always green, but she says his brother is blue), they had no hair, wore no clothing, did not speak to her & they did something to her forehead. her elaboration on my questions was short and at times she did not want to answer most of the questions, she always went back and forth with liking these beings to stating she was afraid (she seems conflicted). on this occasion she said there were 2 monsters that were siblings that came to her, they took her to the beings mother and father. who were also beings. she said she likes monster even though he did not speak, i asked her why she called him monster she said she gave him that name because he was ugly. she also said where she went had a playground, was beautiful with, babies and lots of rainbows. when i asked where monster came from she paused then pointed up at my ceiling then giggled. hours later i asked her again in front of her father who monster was & the same questions i had asked her earlier that day which she answered the same responses in front of her dad. after this she did not want to talk about this encounter anymore. my next encounter my daughter made claims of was last week. she told me monster came to her again, but this time he brought a very "cute" man. when i asked her what the cute man looked like she said he had blond hair and blues. she said he wore clothing and the same being she calls monster (the green one) was with the cute blond man. i asked her again similar questions as i did before, like did you go anywhere with them, did they speak to you, what did they look like ( i am careful not to ask questions to lead her in answers, to be sure she is not getting ideas from my questions to respond) so instead of saying "did he have blue eyes" i say "what color were his eyes?" or "what did he look like". this encounter my daughter described a tree house in a jungle on their ship that also has a playground. she said the cute man showed her a beautiful book. my daughter then stated she was afraid and did not want to talk about monster anymore. my daughter has not been subjected to alien movies or ideas of this nature other then normal tv. i believe what is happening to my daughter at this time, to be real events. i will have to wait till she's older to ask her if it is her imagination or if something else really is going on. either way i am not afraid and i understand there's nothing i can really do to stop it.

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Credit: MUFON

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