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Tuesday, December 19, 2017

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UFO Sighting in Chicago, Illinois on 1978-06-12 03:00:00 - I was asleep on the couch with alot of exstensions cords it got tangled trying to get me

Iwas asleep in my apartment on the couch .I lived on the third floor.I had the fan,and radio attached to a couple of electrical chords t on the table close to me in the dark.I heard a noise and i turned over ,because i thought my sister was trying to take my radio because i wouldn't let her listen to it at night. plus i had turned the radio off before i went too sleep.Next thing i know something 3 ft 7in and dark gray runs away from me.Directly towards my sister bedroom.Sir i'm terrified at this point.My sister told me she had been abducted ,and i didn't beleive her until i was starring this creature eye to eye .It had a set of huge red eyes like a fly but they glowed in the dark .I attempted to scare it .It stop at my sister bedroom door and dared me to approach it .I was the coward not the alien.Ialso knew my sisteer was sleep in the room.By the way her bedroom door was always open at nigh,always.Itwas was three of them that ran ,but it was the one that stoped and challenged me to come near it ,and i didn't.I threw the cover over my head ,and i did'tcome up for air for like ten minutes.Ididn't go towards my sister bedroom,until sunrise.How and the hell was i going to my mother aliens took her child.Thank god she was there came daylight.My auntitold me to nail the windows shut and put aluminum foil on the nails,i did just that.People are not crazy the goverment need to stop letting this happen to us.I also encounterd the ship 50 ft from myself it had no sound ihad enough and ran for my life .Thi is the same apartment building the entity came inside .It was trying to abduct me that night,but my elctrical cords saved d me.I don't ever want to see those things again even with a gruop of people .Thet are not affraid of us and that puzzles me that they don't faer us .

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Credit: MUFON

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