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Saturday, December 2, 2017

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UFO Sighting in Fort Collins, Colorado on 2017-11-11 15:33:00 - While sitting in automobile awaiting start of work shift, noticed dull, whitish, upright cylindrical object blinking or pulsing in glow-like intensity pass over area.

was sitting in personal automobile in parking lot outside of workplace, awaiting time for start of shift, in 2nd row of spaces away from the building, facing westward. at moment, very light breeze from north-to-south, sun was approximately 65 degrees above horizon in south, south-west, with no clouds in general region at the time, but with noticeable atmospheric haze present. while waiting in the parking lot, casually glanced around to observe general surroundings, and noticed a quite large formation of canadian geese approaching area from the northwest, heading to southeast, at approximately 1,500 ft. altitude. noticed that the presence of the geese themselves made the atmospheric haze more noticeable, and they appeared to be skimming just beneath the haze level. while watching the passage of the geese, attention was drawn to one of the birds among the grouping's longest trailing lines in the formation attempt to break formation, and pass the bird positioned just ahead of it, in attempt to start its own "formation" feature to the grouping. maneuver caused minor disruption in the formation for short period, and while watching them jostle for resumption of former positioning, i noticed something light-colored pass directly "above" the involved geese, as seen from my angle of observation. object appeared to be traveling at approximately 5,000 ft. altitude, on an east-to west trajectory, traveling at approximately 200 mph, displaying a continuous rate of travel, with no apparent adjustments to altitude, speed, or trajectory. object did not make any detectable noise, noticeable over the ambient background noise associated with the general area. object was observed to be traversing over the area well within the layer of atmospheric haze, as its passage created a noticeable "wake-wash" turbulence effect behind it in the haze it passed through. the flock of geese did not appear to show any reaction to the object's proximity/passage. when initially spotted, object's range was approximately 1-1.5 miles distant, positioned slightly to the west, northwest of my position, heading westward, and lost sight of the object when at approximately 2-2.5 miles distance, at approximate 40-45 degrees above horizon. object was whitish in coloration, and upon initial notice, was mentally dismissed as potential gull/pelican/stork-type avian at little higher altitude than the geese formation being watched. when object was brought under more focused attention & observation, it had the appearance of an upright-standing (longer length axis perpendicular to horizon) cylindrical shape with rounded ends, with the bottom rounding less defined and "shallower", than the top. at the range and altitude perceived, object appeared to be approximately 20-30 ft. in vertical height, with approximately 10-15 ft. horizontal width. object appeared to be either naturally colored a somewhat dullish white, or was dimly illuminated that shade. with the sun-glare in the sky, and the atmospheric haze present, object's coloration made it somewhat difficult to detect, and if i had not been observing the geese formation at the time that it passed over, would likely not have noticed it in the area at all. every approximately 1.25 seconds, the object would "flash" to display more intense level of coloration/illumination by approximately 3x, which would last for approximately .5 second, before flashing back to the original, dimmer level. flashing sequence was displayed throughout entire sighting, and was maintained at a steady, rhythmic rate. sighting of object was lost at the end of the observation period, when it was "suddenly" no longer detectable to eyesight, with the trailing haze layer disturbance/turbulence ceasing without any detectable sudden increase/agitation to the haze disturbance.

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Credit: MUFON

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