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Friday, December 1, 2017

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UFO Sighting in Maxville, Ontario on 2017-08-29 19:00:00 - Weird coloured cloud and at least one and up to 5 ufos over fields in ontario in august 2017

Early evening of august 29, 2017 between 6:30 and 7 pm aprox. i was driving home from williamstown, ontario. i had to take country roads to get home. less than 5 minutes in my drive i noticed a strange coloured bit of cloud that had some rainbow colours but the other clouds were not affected. it was daylight and the sun was showing up. there was blue skies and sections with many clouds. there was no rain at all on that day. no signs of rain in my area, no thunder or lightning. within a few minutes that weird cloud completely detached itself from the surrounding clouds and dropped bellow them. once fully detached the colours became very sharp. the coloured piece of cloud was so weird and beautiful that i ended up stopping by the side of the road 2 or 3 times to take pictures with my iphone. at some point that "cloud" was completely detached and was not moving like the other clouds. it stood still, hanging low in the sky. i took many pictures but i did not take a video of it. it was barely moving so... no need to film. or so i thought! after, i had errands to run and forgot about this event until my memory card was almost full... that is 3 months later. so, on november 27th i went into my pictures to clear some in order to create more space on my phone's memory card. seeing how cool that cloud was on the pictures i decided to send them to a friend of mine to have a look at that cool event. looking at the photos on my phone i only thought the round thing was a bird flying by. i am into ufos and did not want my enthusiasm to make me see only what i wanted to see. so i rationalised it at the time. but my opinion changed when my friend was looking at them on her computer and she mentioned that there was some things in the sky that were unusual. so, looking at my pictures on a computer screen we both think there is at least one ufo on a few of the pictures with that weird coloured cloud. maybe up to 5. i never noticed anything but the bizarre cloud while i was taking the pictures. i wish i had, but i was very focused on it. we are pretty sure that there is at least one ufo on the pictures. as it is round, perfect circle within another circle. this one we are pretty certain is not a bird flying by. also, it appears that there was two others that were in formation farther away and maybe 2 more. this weird "cloud" was a real oddity in itself as it was not moving like the other clouds. this cloud lasted about 35 minutes! i wish i had noticed the ufos then to film them but i guess it was not meant to be. the pictures were taken with my one year old iphone se. if you look at all my pictures you will see that my lense was clean. also, i will join all the original pictures unaltered and a few that i adjusted the contrast and exposure, and circled the possible ufos. i may never know what all these were but i can say that i found this very unusual and very "cool". here are the coordinates of the field where the ufos showed up: 45.229400, -74.804832 i have a few more pictures but was not able to upload them. please contact me if you are interested. thank you.

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Credit: MUFON

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