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Wednesday, December 6, 2017

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UFO Sighting in Auburndale, Florida on 2017-12-05 18:45:00 - Lit up suddenly on downward trajectory. thought i was witnessing jetliner crash. big, bright, and close. lights disappeared before reaching ground/horizon.

I was working on laptop on my patio around 6:45 when i caught a glimpse of something very large and very bright in my peripheral vision. it had multiple bight yellow-orange lights, maybe 6 or 8. it was heading in a downward type trajectory and appeared to be at least as big as the biggest jetliners ( 767 etc). it was moving very fast but not so fast it blurred. i’ve never seen any object that large move that fast. my initial instinct was that i was about to witness a jetliner crash within a mile of me and as i stood up in horror to take in the ensuing crash/explosions it disappeared before reaching the ground or cresting the horizon. from the time i caught a glimpse to the time it disappeared was less than 5 seconds. the lights did not fade away, they went off like they were switched off. there was no discernible sound. ( a jet, plane, helicopter, etc would have been audible from the short distance away). it occurred to me,in those brief seconds, that while my instinct told me it was an inevitable commercial airline crash it was not like it was attempting some sort of emergency landing...More like the craft was being intentionally steered downward at a steep angle. the lights were not well defined lights with distinct edges. they had more of a “flamey” nature sort of like an afterburner. after the sighting ended i had this empty, confused, creeped out feeling and felt confident i could not have been the only person who saw this. this was no speck in the sky in the middle of the night. this was in a populous area in the early evening and it wasn’t subtle. it was really quite spectacular. i called the local police dept the next morning to see if they had received reports about this and they said they had not. i’m a reasonably intelligent person not under any drug/alcohol influence and i know what i saw. i feel compelled to find someone else who saw it also. this was in the lake ariana area in auburndale florida (near lakeland and winter haven). florida has a fair share of military bases. i am certain, beyond doubt, i have seen either: a) a secret military aircraft capable of extraordinary speed, cloaking, and who knows what other technologies beyond the scope of comprehension by ordinary citizens. or...B) a bonifide extra-terrestrial craft from outer space. ?? no one could successfully convince me that what i saw could be explained away as anything conventional or normal. the image is burned in my mind and, quite frankly, i wish i had not seen it at all.

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Credit: MUFON

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