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Tuesday, December 5, 2017

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UFO Sighting in Columbia, Missouri on 2017-12-05 19:50:00 - Massive craft with a field of reflective surface. angular. surrounded by a whiteish glow (cloudy)

I was sitting on my couch after letting my dog into the backyard. i heard what seemed to be a low flying plane above. however there was a sort of humming. the noise i observed grew louder as i assumed it was getting closer to my house. i went into my backyard to see what the sound was. i noticed to the ne what looked like a plane dropping in altitude. i expected to hear a crash or see an explosion. the plane had passed through my line of sight and i could no longer view it. i stayed outside for a little longer to smoke a cigarette. after a few minutes i noticed what looked like a smoke trail off to my left (n.) at first i thought that the smoke i was observing may have been coming from my cigarette. i said "what is that?" however once i focused my gaze on the smoke trail, i realized how far the smoke was from me. it was too far to have been my cigarette smoke and i realized that it was moving from my left to my right (s.) i asked again, "what is that??" at this point i had moved away from my house to get a better look at this "smoke trail." this is when i could visibly make out its shape and realized how fast it was moving. the object was like covered in a reflective material that almost made it transparent/seethrough. the object was shaped like a boomerang and was massive in size. i couldn't make out the side of the object very well, however i could easily see that whatever it was, that it had a sort of cockpit. the cockpit was large and almost egg shaped, round in shape. the nose of the object came to a corner almost a degree angle. as the object passed by i heard a humming, and felt a static like presence. all the neighborhood dogs were barking (which is unusual, they are normally very quite.) there was a distorted cloudly like smog that surrounded the vehicle/object. there was also a sort of trail left by the object as it continued to move. i noticed that there were multiple aircraft, possibly planes or jets following this object (from a distance.) i belive that they were following/investigating its presence also. the transformer (green electrical box) in my yard started to make odd noises, as if it was being affected by this vehicles presence. the object seemed to be descending in altitude and i am assuming it was coming down for a landing. soon though the object had passed my line of sight and was now hidden by the trees that blocked my sight. i could no longer see the object. still in disbelief i kept looking around in the sky to catch a glimpse of anything. i wanted to see if more things like this would pass by, or if more jets/planes would be showing up. i heard noises off in the distance that i cant quite explain. some humming, a distant hiss, and what sounded sort of like a horn, and some metallic sounds. i retreated back into my house with my dog and grabbed my revolver. (just in case.) i had a slight headache within 30 minutes after observing this object. i honestly dont know what i just witnessed but i assure you this is real. whatever it was, it wasnt manmade. it was massive, larger than any aircraft that i've ever seen. it was bigger than an aircraft carrier for sure. everything seems to have settled down and returned to normal. im not sure if i am the only one who noticed this but i find it impossible that something that large could have glided by undetected. somebody else must have seen this object, or atleast heard the weird noises it made as it passed by. i do live near a highway and close to many conservation areas, parks, rivers, and there is an airport about 20 minutes or so away from my house. i know that wasnt an airplane. that wasnt a jet. i just dont know what it was. i couldnt get a picture of it, as it didnt appear on the camera when i tried. it was see through.

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Credit: MUFON

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