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Friday, December 8, 2017

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UFO Sighting in Chelsea, Michigan on 2017-11-20 04:26:00 - Large white pulsating light. hovered, angled down, hovered then took off near radio towers

I woke, got ready for work, and drove to work like normal that day. i left the house around 4:09am. i proceeded to drive down m-52 towards chelsea mi. i noticed only a few passing cars but none in front or behind me, which often happens as there aren't many ppl driving around that early in the morning. at about 4:26 am i was approaching the intersection of north territorial and m52 , as i drive by it every morning, and i could see the towers/antenna i don't rly know what they are and a bright white pulsating light caught my attention just above the 2nd tower.At this point there were no passing cars or vehicles around me. it was above the tree line, large to medium in size, hovering in one place and lower then a plane would be. i am not great at judging distance and size but it was for sure helicopter flying height above the ground and about the size of a dime or a nickel and i could tell it was around the towers or behind them. like they were farther away. it made no noise that i could hear over the sound of my vehicle driving down the road. no feelings or sensations came over me except myself thinking "am i seeing a ufo". my thought was that i was over reacting and that it was an rc plane or craft but the size just seemed big. i turned my attention back to the road to focus on driving. my attention went back to the light as i got closer to north territorial and the object seemed to shoot down on a sharp angle very fast but still near the 2nd tower. it was so fast that the light seemed to blur. i almost had to pull over as the motion from his light drawing my attention almost made me swerve to the other lane. it dissappeared from view probably due to the position of my car because i was still driving.I remember feeling scared that i had lost track of it for a few seconds. it then reappeared, either by my car changing position or by it physically moving, hovered and seemed to be very low above the trees and shot straight up, almost seeming to just vanish. the next thing i remember im pulling into my work parking lot which is in ann arbor on jackson ave. the rest of my drive from where i saw the light to work is fuzzy. i did not tell anyone at work but i did tell my husband after work that day, as he had seen a ufo looking object just a year or 2 before close to this area but in the daytime and got a picture of it. just 1 week after the sighting, i began violently being woken up from a dreaming state to see this foreign language and symbols wrote on my ceiling that would slowly vanish, which some ppl say are hypnopompic hallucinations. i have the same "hallucination" at least 1 x week now and have never had these ever before in my life previously. i'm not sure if these events are connected, but felt the need to mention it with my sighting. i can remember where i began to see it, and i can vividly picture what i saw in my head.I did not take photos as i was driving but i did screenshot some google map images and draw on those where and what i saw only at 4:26 ish pm and not in daytime.

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Credit: MUFON

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