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Saturday, December 23, 2017

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UFO Sighting in Lake Havasu City, Arizona on 2017-12-22 18:30:00 - Two points of light seen. one was moving, leaving a very large trail of illuminated sky.

At 6:30pm tonight, friday, december 22, 2017, i saw two bright objects in the sky just southwest of lake havasu city, arizona. i have never seen anything like this in the sky, ever before. the first thing i noticed was two points of light in an area of the sky that was lit up with a grayish-white, slightly blue color that looked very strange and out of the ordinary. i said to myself, "what on god's green earth is that?" as i stared at the scene, the rightmost point of light appeared to be nearly stationary, possibly drifting downward very slowly. it was yellowish in color, about as bright as venus. the leftmost point of light was about as bright as the dog star, yellowish-white in color. it was proceeding eastward, very slowly, leaving behind it a very large plume of illuminated sky, about as bright as twilight, much brighter than the surrounding nearly-black sky. the plume resembled a large, growing hyperbolic or oval-shaped area of sky that was not dimminng significantly until five or ten minutes had elapsed. the left side of the shape looked like the left-hand side of an oval, but with the right side open, having no shape, just a very large trail of illuminated sky. it looked like a hyperbola laying on its side. my guess is that the plume was about a half-mile wide by five miles long after about seven minutes had elapsed. when i first looked up and noticed this spectacle, the points of light were already some distance from each other, maybe a half a mile apart. i could not tell whether or not the two points of light had started out close together. they had already established a small but growing patch of illuminated sky. i lost sight of the leftmost point of light when it went behind some buildings that obstructed my view. i was unable to see what finally happened to it. the rightmost point of light eventually went down below the horizon of my view and was out of sight. by 6:45pm, the illuminated area was fading away. a small jet plane with a single, steady non-flashing red light showed up and appeared to be heading for the leftmost point of light. it easily overtook the point of light, which did not appear to be affected or influenced in any way by the presence of the jet plane. i could hear the plane's engine, but all i was able to see of it was its red light. i can't even guess whether the plane was there to investigate the point of lignt and its plume trail, or not.

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Credit: MUFON

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