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Saturday, December 2, 2017

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UFO Sighting in Duncanville, Texas on 2017-11-28 01:15:00 - Big n bright like the moon size in the sky then started getting lower and the light got from one big white bluish to dark orange. u can see the big light become about 9 lights as it gets darker n disappears

Well on thnksgiving night around 12pm i went outside to smoke a cigarette i started glansing at the aky just to look at the stars but i saw a couple lights flashing so i thought it was stars but i took my phone out to try n see better and i saw crazy movements so i knew it couldnt b no airplane or jet or a helicopter and it was definitely no star.So i started taking pics and videos. it seems they (extraterrestrials) can send some kind of interference since my camer is clear but when teying to rwcord them or take a pic it gets blurry almost impossible for the phone to focus and get a good image of it.When i came up to the conclusion that it had to b ufos i got goosebumps even when teying to explain to my family i would stutter cause i couldnt believe what i just witnessed.Ao ever since that night i go outside to see the sky and im not gona lie or dont think im crazy but ive been seeing them every night till dis day but on nov 28 around 1am is the best evidence i have yet.I was recording the moon cause i had a strange feeling ao i did and by the way i was smoking a cigarette like i always do late at night. the moon was vreyish bluish like a waining crescent moon and as an 1hr or so passed by it started getting lower and it went from bluish greyiah to yellowish. and im trying to get the best focus on my camera phone and i can see sum objects to the side and infront.So im still recording.And im shaking its hard not to shake or tremble when witnessing this stuff. ita getting lower and more dark orange then i can see how it wasnt 1 big bright light but like a circle with lights over it and around it and it lookes in the video like it sbrinks and then out of nowhere it dissapears.Before it disappeared tho i could see a diamond shadow a little higher which is where thw object seemed to go when it vanished as if it camaflouged or idk.I just know ive been witnessing lots of ufo action and a couple other friends have as well after i told them to pay attention at the sky.Idk why they are here or whats going on but i thought it was gonna be cool seeing a ufo but really its scary not knowing why ive been seeing so many whats their purpose. i may sound crazy cause i know i probably wouldnt believw if somebody told me this but i swear on my sons life that is nothing bjt the absolute truth.The video in youtube ufos in dallas tx nov281am i didn't back it up in my phone n now os deletes i guess but i put sum other pics and videos that i got as well on the pics zoom in and all those things r dem believe it or not

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Credit: MUFON

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