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Sunday, December 17, 2017

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Alien Encounter in Ontario on 2014-01-31 01:30:00 - Smoke trailing wisp

This wasn't really a ufo but it was weird. in 2014, i was 16 at the time, average night. i went to bed early with my dog because i had a test the next morning. i woke up suddenly around 1-something in the morning no idea what woke me up. then i started to have a piercing headache i sat up and rubbed my eyes and looked around and i noticed a small trail of what i can only describe as a small wisp of fog and or mist or smoke, flying around my room at a fast, steady speed. i thought it was my imagination because it was so tiny but when it flew right by my face, it looked so real i grabbed my phone and quickly started taking flash pictures all around my room trying to catch it in one, all the while just thinking "i've gotta get this, i've gotta get this", and my head hurt more and more. then i don't really remember what happened next i must have fallen asleep or something because i woke up from a nightmare the next morning (don't remember what it was about now). i was in an awkward position on my bed and my phone was on the floor face down a few feet from my bed (thankfully not broken). remembering last night, i quickly jumped up, picked it up and looked through the pictures i took carefully scanning each one slowly... and then i saw it. i actually caught the thing in a picture (even though it was a bad phone camera at the time and a little blurred). top of the picture is the small wisp of smoke flying beside my curtain, it zipped around so fast i'm actually surprised i got it. you can also see my dog sleeping soundly in the bottom of the photo. since that night i've seen lots of weird things and i found out a few weeks after i don't dream anymore, all i get is the occasional nightmares or i'm just in a dead sleep... i told my parents about what happened the day it happened and they had no idea. i sent my dad a copy of the photo because said he wanted to show it to some people. recently he brought it up again and so i thought i would put this up somewhere. i was curious whether this has happened to anyone else. or if anyone and seen it in another way, or could debunk it for me. 20 yr.Old me tried to recreate the picture with dust and lights trying to debunk it but i never could figure it out. my window was closed but left unlocked on the second floor. it flew around my room unnaturally fast and i've never seen it again since. but over the next years since then i've seen this ufo in the sky. normally it is the same object and i see it over my house or at my family's cottage in the sky. a black triangle with a white light on each point, flying super fast past (faster then any plane i've seen and i've been to air shows before) or just hovering and disappearing into clouds or all together in a starry night, making me wonder if i even saw it. never got any picture or proof of them though... i either didn't have a phone while on my walk or hike, or i wasn't fast enough. i recently saw one again in november over my house but again i wasn't fast enough to get a picture. i'm a very proof driven person so normally i say 'get a picture or evidence or it's like it didn't happen.' no picture = no proof, and it could just be your mind playing tricks on you..

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Credit: MUFON

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