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Monday, December 18, 2017

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UFO Sighting in Wien, Wien on 2017-10-14 19:30:00 - I noticed a lightball. i followed it. it went down behind a house. i haven´t found anything, exept brown, dry grass.

I brought my girlfriend home. the weather was pretty good that afternoon, so i decided to walk back home. on maybe the half of the way i noticed something in the air. i thought it was a drone or something like that. it clearly wasn´t. it was a lightball, which made weird moves. it flied zig-zag, then straight up, i think it rotated also around itself. i wanted to take a photo, so i put out my smartphone and filmed it. suddenly, my phone, which was nearly full charged some minutes before, run out of batterie. i tried to follow the light ball. just after some minutes chasing the object, i noticed it´s getting really hot. i thought it was just because i was running, but even the grass beneath the paths that i was crossing dried and the color changed from dark green to a brownish yellow. after some minutes, the object got down behind a large wall of a factory. i runned around, what has taken me something like a minute or two. at the other side, i saw a brown spot on the ground, where the grass definately was burned away. the area was surrounded by smoking hot dirt and dried grass. it looked like there was an impact, but i didn´t hear anything. i wanted to take a picture of the spot, but the phone didn´t start. i felt more and more uncomfortable, as the sunlight got weaker and weaker. i decieded to run home. when i arrived, i turned on my phone, and it worked like there wasn´t anything. i still felt the heat in the air. since this happened, i can´t sleep anymore like i did before. i´ve never been at this area again. i didn´t know this website before. that´s why there´s so much time between the event and the report. i just told a friend about this and he told me that i can report what happened. i think he doesn´t believe me. i´m not sure if the time is correct, i can´t remember exactly when this happened, but i arrived at home around 8:20 p.M..

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Credit: MUFON

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