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Wednesday, December 20, 2017

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Black Triangle Sighting in Ralston, Nebraska on 2017-12-19 21:30:00 - Largetriangular object moving very strangely. couldn't comprehend. helicopter present

Dejavu and high physical anxiety right before event. noticed helicopter hovering above us while sitting in the car at a park. he didn't have a spot light and wasn't looking for anyone as far as we could tell. decided to leave park, and as we were leaving, my friend in the passengers seat said "johnny , what the f*** is that?" and directed my attention towards the south right above the tree line. there was a large, triangular object moving like nothing i have ever seen, or can even comprehend. it seemed to be descending, and shifted back and forth on the x and y axis before moving in one direction in a "glitchy" manner. my heart was racing and i had a small panic attack as we tried to follow it and it disappeared behind the tree line. it was difficult enough to comprehend what i was looking at, but it seemed like a large 2 dimensional, asymmetrical triangle at a tilted angle with greenish lights on each corner, moving at a very strange angle, that looked physically impossible. my friend and i have experienced something that we thought was a ufo in the same area about a month earlier and we were joking about it no more than an hour before the event. after event, we returned to the place that we first saw the craft and attempted to elaborate what we had seen. the helicopter was still in the area facing the direction of the craft. we went home and i felt out of my mind for a while. i mindlessly sketched in my sketchbook and was extremely dissociated. called local police to ask about any reports, nothing. called the local air force base, nothing. called local fcc, was dismissed immediately. please help me explain what happened to me last night

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Credit: MUFON

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