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Sunday, December 10, 2017

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UFO Sighting in Arcata, California on 2016-02-13 00:00:00 - Brilliant white inverted cone of light moved slow, silent, north to south about 10 minutes

I had recently rescued a dog from the local shelter a couple months earlier. i was still housebreaking him and would take him outside in very early morning hours when it was still dark. on this occasion, approximately 5 am, i had taken him outside across the street in front of my house and we were standing by the corner, not far from street light. i looked up toward the sky in the north and noticed a large halo of light partially obscured by the tree-tops of the redwoods behind my neighbors house. i remember thinking that i've never noticed the moon in that direction before. i then noticed the halo of light was moving slowly out of the tree-tops toward me in a path almost directly overhead. as it cleared the tree-tops i was surprised at what was in the center creating the halo of light. at its center was a brilliant, white, inverted cone of light. it wasn't a light fanning out from a source, spreading and diminishing. the cone of light had a definite starting point and a definite ending point along the bottom rim of the cone, almost like it was thicker, or "lipped" around the wide, circular base. the cone of light ended abruptly at its wide base and seemed to have an almost "solid" nature to it. it was the brightest, most brilliant white you can imagine. as far as the angle of the cone, it was like an isosceles triangle. the source of the cone of light was not visible, however there did seem to be a very dim, dark red color from which the pointed end of cone emanated. it was completely silent. i am fairly certain it was less than 500 ft up, more likely 200-300 ft. i was mesmerized by it and watched it for almost 10 minutes until it disappeared in the fog bank toward the ocean. unfortunately, i didn't have my cell with me and didn't want to risk missing it by running in to get it...Although in retrospect, i would've had time. this was almost 2 years ago and i still think about it often.

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Credit: MUFON

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