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Thursday, December 21, 2017

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UFO Sighting in Georgia on 2017-11-20 20:49:00 - My wife and i witnessed an object that appeared to have squentially moving white square lights on our way to kroger..

My wife and i were on our way to the kroger at the corner of delk road and powers ferry rd se in marietta, georgia. my wife was driving and i was in the passenger's seat. we were making our way north up powers ferry road. we stopped at a red light at the terrell mill/powers ferry road se intersection. as we were stopped at the red light i looked over to the traffic lights on the right to see when that traffic light would turn from green to red. at that moment i noticed the object. it looked like a solid white stationary light to me. i wasn't sure what it was so i didn't mention it to my wife at first. as the traffic light started to change the white lights of the object started to flash on and off. that is when i mentioned it to my wife. at first she didn't see it, but she noticed it a little further down the road. both of us had no idea what the object was. at this point i thought the object was flashing on and off. my wife described the object as disappearing and reappearing. i have a dash cam in my car so i turned the camera toward the object. with my eye the object appeared to have at least three square lights i could see that were in a horizontal row. they were turning on and off in a sequential chase pattern and then a flashing pattern. around this time my wife and gotten into the middle lane and was concerned with traffic. we sat stationary for a little while and observed the object before turning into the kroger parking lot. looking back in the direction of the object we could no longer find the object. as we parked i went and took my dash cam and went through to see if i caught the video on my dash cam. once we got back home i was able to grab the video from my dash cam and upload it to my computer. the video shows that the object first appears around the 16 second mark into the video. my particular dash cam is a vantrue r2, and the video it recorded was in 2k resolution. the dash cam also time stamped the video however the time is ahead by an hour as i hadn't remembered to reset the time after daylight savings had ended earlier in the month. this event took place november 20th, 2017.

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Credit: MUFON

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