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Saturday, December 16, 2017

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UFO Sighting in Stansbury Park, Utah on 2017-12-15 14:10:00 - dark disc with protrusion & balls hanging down in clouds slowly moved toward me then turned from green to blue vanished

While walking our normal path, i left my house about 1:30 with friend. our walk usually takes about 50 minutes. we were heading on homebound path near the northend of the lake by the mill. i noticed in the distance a dark object with about 30 -40 balls hanging below the object. as the object which mostly hovered began to slowly move toward us the balls moved the same speed with the object. we stopped a white stansbury park truck and asked the man what it was that we were watching. he was surprised and said he had no idea. i took my camera out to enlarge the dark hovering object. i could not get the object in a frame at all. i used trees and cloud shapes as references but it would not appear on camera. we watched it move ever slowly with the balls, but then as it was almost overhead, the cloud line also ended and the balls disappeared. once the ufo was close and the disc (now it appeared a a disc, changed from black to green, in a pulsating manner and then oddly the color was changing almost digitally, then it changed to blue an then in front of our eyes it simply vanished. the thought occurred to me that the balls were collecting samples and the object might not have been able to cloak itself with the balls hanging down, but there was no line from the ship to the balls. they just were and they just hovered and followed the under the ufo never changing position in the sky. not following but moving at the same speed. i think it cloaked in the backdrop of the blue sky. my friend said she thought it was a balloon, but i saw a disruption in the sky around the object. i knew it was being propelled by something, not simply floating like a balloon. she also noticed the color change and i didn’t call her on her guess, but i motioned the object to come our way and that scared her. she told me to stop. i was not fearful, more curious, and i am not affected in my religious views either. i thought it was strange that commercial plane flew past it, like it wasn’t even there. but, it was.

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Credit: MUFON

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