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Sunday, January 28, 2018

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UFO Sighting in Wilmington, Illinois on 2018-01-28 04:36:00 - Completely silent and never flapped membrane like wings once. glided over my home unnaturally fast.

I was sitting on the side steps outside of my home having a smoke at exactly 4:36 am. the night sky is so incredible when it's clear from my view so i was essentially just admiring its beauty. i noticed about 5 stars i had never seen before that seemed to have an orb like motion and carry a bright white center but a bright purple, green and slightly red aura around this star like phenomena. (the red was a very minor glimmer as opposed to the other shimmering colors) the problem with the idea of the star looking lights moving as i saw them was that i felt like i was suffering from some sort of vision impairment. i felt like everything i was looking at became blurry and i was not any sort of fatigued nor under the influence for my vision to have appeared in this way, when suddenly my eyes locked onto this huge greyish/dark brown bat/owl/reptile looking hybrid completely silent and gliding unnaturally fast over my home.I don't really know where he came from or how my eyes locked onto this thing especially in such a dark setting. i lost sight when he silently glided over my home out of sight, but i swear he landed on my roof. i am not 100% sure of this. this strange creature had a seemingly large set of wings, and i don't doubt if they were spread the span would be incredible, but it seemed to have its wings folded in a triangle style form which lead the entire creature to resemble the worlds largest most terrifying moth!! i suddenly felt a sense of dread vulnerability and impending doom, and i felt like i was being hovered over and watched like an animal stalks its prey. i don't scare easy, and i live for the paranormal, but it is now 4:18 pm and i still am feeling the same sense of fear and dread as i did in that moment and i don't know how to tame this psychological issue. it was comparable to anxiety, but i ultimately felt like my life was about to end..I can't describe it any better. before i was able to stand up i heard a screech comparable to a bat, except it was a much lower tone, and it definitely sounded much larger than any bat around here. i live in a small town surrounded by woods, so bats and animals of that sort cross my path often. this was nothing like it. what was strange is my hearing felt distorted while i heard the screeching. i felt like i could hear it right above me, yet sometimes it felt like it was muffled and unclear, it made me second guess what i heard. this has been the most horrifying sighting i have ever witnessed so far to be honest.

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Credit: MUFON

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