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Thursday, January 11, 2018

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UFO Sighting in Guaynabo , Guaynabo on 1971-12-15 00:00:00 - One bright light that broke into 3 separate lights-they came together in a straight line-1 shot up another down but don't remember the 3rd.

First let me apologize for not being able to give more accurate details of that evening, but i was very young (around 8 yrs. old). puerto rico around 1971 if my memory serves me right, my grandmother, sister and myself had gone to a church function that evening. while the adults sat and talked, the kids, including myself had gone out to run around the neighborhood. i don't quite remember how many kids there were, but i do remember that while playing a few of the kids got scared of some lights we were seeing in the sky, started crying, and ran back to the house where the prayer group was gathering. i specifically remember telling my sister and a classmate to hold off on going back. i was extremely curious and unaffected by what we were witnessing and had moved ahead of them. we watched the lights dance a bit then they seemed to slow down as we ran out unto a field. the fear really set in with my sister and classmate when the brightest of the lights seemed to get closer. it then broke out into 3 lights and formed a triangle. then, just as quick as they had split they came back together in an up and down line. the top light shot straight up and out of sight and the lowest of the ball of light seemed to drop very slowly. i remember that i couldn't see where it landed because the trees in the distance blocked my view. i am not certain what happened to the middle light. when we returned we tried to tell the adults what we had seen but they weren't phased by it. they laughed and kept on discussing whatever it was they were talking about. though it has been many years i still think about it. i don't remember if we heard any sounds coming from the objects nor if they had a specific color. but, i do remember they moved strangely in the sky and seemed to be intelligent in some way.

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Credit: MUFON

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