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Sunday, January 21, 2018

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Black Triangle Sighting in Biloxi, Mississippi on 1988-10-15 21:47:00 - Large dark mass appeared in sky. passed directly over me and continued until out of sight.

Approximately october 15, 1988 around 21:45 i was walking to my dorm on kessler afb, ms. i was taking a shortcut across the golf course which wrapped around the runway on the south end of the base. i stopped momentarily to look at the stars south of the base. suddenly i noticed that the stars disappeared directly in front of me. that's when i noticed a dark object moving silently through the night sky. i estimated that the object was about 300 yards across and 100 yards from front to back. i knew this because there were stars visible around the object and that point of reference allowed me to track it's slow steady path through the air. i was standing directory in line with the runway and the craft moved exactly over the runway moving north but did not change altitude, speed or direction. since i was in view of the west side gaurd shack. as soon as the craft was no longer visible i looked over at the gaurd shack and the sp's were still checking cars entering the base like nothing had happened. i could also see the air traffic control tower and it was dark and quiet like they had no idea anything had just passed over the base. i have told close friends and family over the years, but no one seems to believe me. during the whole experience i was not scared or alarmed, just curious to know what it was. my dad, mom and older brother had seen things befire

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Credit: MUFON

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