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Monday, January 1, 2018

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UFO Sighting in Mississauga, Ontario on 2017-11-24 20:30:00 - 4 or 5 foggy type oval lights circling above my house, simultaneously join together, then split and repeat, toward the end mini circles also appeared next to the bigger ones.

Went out in the back yard with my two dogs and saw above my townhome approx 4-5 foggy oval lights circling in a rotation. at first i thought this was an event spotlight since it was in the christmas season but there were no beams to the ground. over time they joined together to make one circle in the middle then they would break apart and repeat the same rotation. i reported in this mufon form this went on for a half hour, that is all i noticed but for all i know this was going on prior to my 8:30 pm notice of the event. my dogs did not seem agitated nor did they even look up but i felt i should bring them in the house. i kept checking every 5 mins or so and the same thing would happen. i am not tech savvy and don't have a smart phone but i filmed this with my digital camera and couldn't see anything once i looked into the camera frame and unfortunately deleted what i filmed. i should have uploaded it bc then the objects may have been visible from the computer screen so i don't have any footage. i called my neighbour behind me and he went out to look as well and was perplexed. he too did not take any pics. toward 9pm i checked again and this time smaller circles were around the bigger ones, as if they broke from the bigger lights perhaps. next check they were gone. bc i was busy decorating for xmas i didn't check or report anything until a day or two later. again bc i had no footage i looked online for anything similar. the nearest comparison is a youtube video called "mysterious white lights circling in the sky", that video shows similar colour, size and movement. the ones i saw however were rotating in sync and adjoining in the middle, coming apart, circling and joining on a consistent basis until the final check when there were also smaller circle. i asked another neighbour of mine who is an airport firefighter, he felt it may have been powerful laser lights and if that were the case i should report this to navigation canada so such pranks could be investigated as they pose danger to planes. i emailed nav canada and have received no response. i also called peel police and this was dismissed and not taken seriously. i asked if there were events in the area that may have contributed to some sort of spotlight and was told no but no interest beyond this was given other than the officer did ask if i had a photo and i explained that i deleted what i filmed regrettably. he said no one from my neighbourhood or surrounding subdivision reported anything other than myself.

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Credit: MUFON

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