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Sunday, January 28, 2018

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Black Triangle Sighting in Mililani, Hawaii on 2018-01-26 21:42:00 - 3tubes triangle w/pinnacle star sized magenta light flashed 1x then brightened to white. off horizon from driver's seat

1. i parked on akamainui street about 20ft. before the firehydrant right side of street. checking fri. night text messages. 2. i just sensed something & glanced up. i did a double take before staring at it. 3.I thought nothing. just a glance up. then, went whoa!, and glanced again and saw a different thing than i've seen anywhere else. 4.Especially after i realized there were long horizontal lights down each tube, the tubes seemed to have some thick ribs spaced quite a disatance apart.Joined together with something thinner & darker. the pinnacle of the isocoles triangle had a space where a star sized light twinkled. then as i was trying to see it clearly, it flashed. after the flash it got a brighter white & all the other lights on the tubes grew brighter to drown out any definition. the clouds then moved until it was covered completely. 5.I was suprised. shocked how large this triangli noticed that there is a structure (metallic/lead)not very shiny,but also not reflecting the long bright white light. i was excited. the sky was clear too. each side, 2x the length of a 747 at boarding gate perspective, probably 2.5 miles awa towards pearl harbor. there were no other aircraft in the sky. i only kept looking because after i noticed the triangle shaped light in the sky, i grew up not far frorm a naval air base in the country, on their landing & departure path. bucks county fields where i saw f18's pilot wave at me below radar as a kid on my bike. so, i know this wasn't even a flying wing or black triangle. i know about the tr3b. i've driven down the highway at night when what i think was a stealth came in and was above my vehicle. afterwards, i looked around. haven't seen a picture like this triangle. definately not. no light arrangement in a long rectangle. no "connecting dark tube? that lights up to a star sized magenta/orange, it seemed seperate from the triangle, then, it flashed brighter. and returned to normal. then it became brighter till it turned bright white light. then the tube lights lit up the cloud cover. i mean the moon was pretty much covered in the sky behind me. 6. lost sight of the object due to cloud cover moving in once the lights blinded out the structure. the poor quality video i took kindof on my i phone 5s is on my periscope. however, since i'm in hawaii on oahu;- i've seen so many lights manuvering the beach in the past. i tried to get them on i phone 5s and its not much to look at. i know the lighting wasn't good either. so i decided to get a good look at it since the phone cam wouln't have gotten the detail in the night sky on a fairly dimly lit street/ almost dark...Is a waste of time. i can try to make a drawing of it better than in colored pencil...Kinda sad

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Credit: MUFON

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