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Thursday, January 11, 2018

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UFO Sighting in Springfield, Oregon on 2018-01-06 18:30:00 - Object while traveling south appeared to stop then hop to the right. this occured several times.

On january 6, 2017 i was looking up at the stars. i had just gone outside. looking almost straight up i noticed what i thought was a airlpane passing over, heading south. it seemed to be a bright red with what looked like it had a dark center. i looked for other lights that usually are seen as a airplane passes over. i could see no wings just a fuzzy shape. i saw what appeared as a smaller red light by the bigger light. it occured to me that this was probably just an airplane after all. but the overall impression i had was that what i was seeing looked odd.The object looked fuzzy to my eyes. the sky was clear. the object continued to move now heading towards the south. as i watched the object it appeared to grow slightly dimmer, still red. as i continued to watch the object it appeared to stop and then hop to the right a noticeable amount. the object continued south then hoped again. this time to the left. then continued south again.The object did this again then proceede south. it seemed to vanish like some satellites due when they pass over head. i started to go back in the house and noticed that it now appeared again where i saw it last. i called my daughter and she came out, i pointed out the object to her and she said it looked like a jet to her. then the object jumped again to the right and she saw this. she said that no jet can do that. then the object just vanished. i am and have been an amateur astronomer for many years. i have seen many many odd things in the sky, all explanable, not this one.

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Credit: MUFON

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