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Friday, January 5, 2018

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Black Triangle Sighting in Miami , Florida on 2009-08-09 00:00:00 - I am under their influence right now, they've been hunting my family for about seven years and have showed up a few times.

What exposes the problem to me is a sadistic game set up between two competing factions and a running man, which unfortunately happens to be me. it is “played” between the right and the american left, and it’s seemingly intended to radicalize people using a reward-punishment system that includes retaliating against the environment while my agony is broadcasted, hurting people every time my performance becomes “unacceptable” or someone tries to expose the problem. more importantly society gets caught in the turmoil and is unable to anticipate their plans and imminent disaster. in this context their agenda gets traction, we develop stockholm syndrome and lose track of the carnage. this scheme allows them do exactly what they want to do; penetrate while hide their intentions and place the demand on human society, establishing comfort zones and the favorable exchange to guarantee a dominant position the them and the deficit for us, commoditize and consume under the kluge of a political game and generate pressure in the name of trade. it plays to a rhythm to get behind the pressure, making a concession only in that context and by necessity as it constricts, pulling back as an investment, like the predator suggesting to the pray it hurts less if you give up as it confesses the bad intentions, relax, relax and fall back. they are able to inflict pain and cause a lot of trauma using some kind of advance technology, and eventually show up and hover over my house for weeks at a time. i am held in place as a torrent of information in thrown at me, making me consume in my desperation pieces of truth and a lot of garbage with the sole purpose of flushing me from reality and washing away my memories. under the threat harming my family they seem to be suggesting some kind of role for me in the triumphant return of capitalism to cuba, wrapping up an age old initiative to vanquish all socialist ideas in a vanishing timeline connecting fidel and maduro (ripe), osama and obama, and me, through the same eclectic connections and subliminal associations. they spend years creating the conditions and situations that would become significant in the context of the game one day, building structures that would allow them to recall the memories and eviscerate, connections to fulfill their own prophecy causing many of the accidents and “natural disasters”. the game is only intended to anchor down in order to claim everything, and depends heavily on people passing down the pain to somebody else behind the sports analogy and business veneer, but also on television and the commercial society, on the promise of save heaven and stirring the passions. raising the price becomes good offence and good defense blowing something up, and i become the currency trending on fire. their predicament is that if they show themselves we are not crazy anymore and working from the dark has obvious limitations, keeping them at a distance. unfortunately like all false equivalency methods is a losing proposition that generates the incentives that cause much of the misery and becomes too big to fail, traps you in the grinder because you can’t separate the cause and the effect and pull from the tension. like intelligence agency or any enterprise that depends heavily on deception making war on us while we lose track of the trade and the evil that grows within, until we are bankrupt. keeping us oblivious to their intentions, which means the terrorist needs to stroke society with the soft touch, needs the occult that produces the enrichment. there is an immediate empowerment that comes with the truth; the source of much of the tension vanishes regardless of the reality which must be seen, adjusting the resistance to revealing the trajectory, reflecting the pressure which requires the long memory, revealing the body. things take on a different dimension and exposes truth, tipping the balance of power. it is how we wrap around problems and can’t look at medusa. the more they invest in the currency the closer they come and the smaller they should become. if we could quantify the losses from the beginning we would find that there is no other choice; we need the global awareness. it tests the possibility of taking gods pervasive position through a different kind of global network; where some individuals become the inadvertent leader of a new church. filtering down new assumptions in the context of an understanding that could be deceiving, including many of the indigestible dogmas used to clamp down on the environment. in that context the most disturbing confession is the contempt for humanity, the only options left are being consumed and confrontation. it too comes with the propaganda and commercials that determine what is relevant in contrast to the pressure and systematic threats, penetrating mostly behind america’s own sin to generate the perfect storm, the electric configuration where we trade places accepting the payload. these is how they have been able to influence humans politics, through the manic prophets and the coerced leaders, and the environment of perpetual war and division that continues to threaten the world, the mass delusion and the price of the irrational determinism which could become even higher today; the breeding grounds where one powerful man could destroy the world. but it loses anonymity and the power of the enigma, without god it faces the objective assessment and becomes accountable, which would have the additional effect of galvanizing humanity. it’s now been seven years of this condition and since i wrote the first words, i stay mostly inside my house completely isolated from the rest of the world, and have become a prisoner of my own thoughts, some strange form of abduction. with the capacity to read my thoughts and inflict pain with their favorite weapon they impugn every movement and my capacity to function, possibly eventually even to survive, making me feel like a corner rat waiting for the last blow. yes in my plane earth, they’ve done a wonderful job of debunking the truth with paranormal activity and hiding behind ufo mythology. like in the movie close encounter of the fourth kind the summit thoughts and images in order to steer people into doing what they want, either drive them crazy or serve a much bigger purpose in the embalmment of humanity. most of the time people don’t know they are being influence but on occasions the have revealed this little secret, usually posing as some kind of superior race here to redeem humanity and offer some universal “wisdom”. i’ve also found out they have been following most of my life and that i was taken from cuba as a teenager to play a role in their perverse plan. that it might involve some form of modern sacrificing symbolic of the death of mankind best intentions. so far they done damage to my arms and legs, my face and right eye, and have send me several times to the hospital. the radiation is almost constant along with a chanting that seem to prophase my awful fate. my family has been made complete slaves and will do almost anything to avoid the effects of the assault; my daughter has not been allowed to talk to me all this years… starting last year i was put through approximately five months of some intense energy radiation targeted at my head, right after that they started chanting day and night making it impossible to get much sleep, the called it corinthians. i think it was trying to induce some madness or going for some kind of brain damage. before that i spent a few years walking on crutches due to the assault on my feet and ankles and getting hit dozens of times a day with some kind of painful beam. excerpts from my journal 09-03-2017 they have used different technologies in the last seven years on me. i think it could end up killing me. i’m trying to leave a record in a book and a couple of facebook pages that for now they are blocking….It is worse than that though, they have plans that include global warming as part of the new world order. 10- 04-17 4.00 pm. it’s been the most terrible day so far, the dry rain is been falling along with the chanting and the promise that i will have to kill myself or suffer a horrendous death. it has become very explicit, volunteering that they wouldn’t let my go out today as i feel the worst effects of the assault. 11-02-17 it is now 9.37, they’ve been torturing me with that radiation nonstop for most of the day and insisting that i kill myself, like robin william, chester bennington and alexis arguello. 11-08 today they made their presence obvious. it flashed red lights way up in the sky at the same time it was telling me: that is us, i know you can see the red lights. this is us, we are here…this happened around 6.30 pm and for the next few hours i’ve been subjected to the intense heat and the air that becomes rear and difficult to breathe. it rarely stops communicating what it could do to me. phrases i have come to be familiar with… 11-09 it is 5 o’clock now and i was woken up by a very intense assault. the dry air waters my eyes and produces the gaging effect, sometimes i throw up. the chanting continues- i’m going to kill you, i’m going to kill you…on and on… it is now 7.00 in the evening and it’s only gotten worse. i’m developing a temperature, the hot radiation has not stopped and the chanting is incredibly aggressive - i am killing you….I am killing you…you will cry, you cannot do what you did - it is impossible for me to express the brutality of the moment, feels like i’m in a microwave oven… it’s 1.00 am and it does not want to slow down, it’s on a near frantic pace, a typical theme is calling me mamifero which is spanish for mammal – i want to do this!!! i want to do this!!!...I have to kill you!! i have to kill you!! they chant. 11-15 it is four in the morning and it woke me up with a few shocks, now i feel the dry rain and the rage in the lament…it was you!!!It was you!!! you are going to have to kill yourself !! die!! die!!! 12-26 today i’ve received two big hits to the head, left side of the face feels a little numb and the left eye is crying. it has been the most horrible few days, head hurts and i feel the radiation in the shoulders to the bone, it’s also burning in the back. 01-05 that machine continued to hit me throughout the night in the neck and head area with that energy radiation. as i write this they scream. die!!! die!!! die!!! and hit me in the legs and back with the cold wind that causes a lot of pain. is this the moment of proof where everything converges, the father the son and the holly ufo…? the liberal utopia and man himself as it has been revealed … are we, am i being crucified? there will be no evisceration or emasculation thought; that has been negated by time and the sacrifice of millions.

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