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Friday, January 5, 2018

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UFO Sighting in Fort Knox, Kentucky on 1990-04-04 00:00:00 - Ufo was hovering above a football field behind my house and later just about the same one i saw at fort knox

Ok so first of all i have never been the type to go straight to sleep even as a child. when i was 6 years old roughly 1990 we lived in mount washington kentucky near fort knox. i could hear the tanks going off all the time. one night i woke up and saw this object hovering over the middle school football field that was behind our house. it seemed to be staying still but had red green and yellow and blue lights underneath it circling the bottom of it. i woke my mother and we went out into the backyard to see what was going on. it was hovering right overtop of a goal post and was at least 50 yards wide completely circular. now i dont remember going to bed or even going inside i remember waking up the next day. fast forward  to 2009 i was stationed at fort knox as apart of the 1/16 cavalry training brigade. another soldier and i were doing squadron detail when we notoced relatively the same thing hovering over a nearby field we knew it wasnt a helicopter or a plane so we decided to take it to higher ups who gave us the number to talk to air control tower on base. we called and they said they werent picking up anything irregular on radar but sent out a leiutinant. when he saw it he immediately started snapping pictures and calling someone apparently having a heated conversation. the next few days we had to give witness statements and were told not to discuss what would happen because no one knew offically what happened. about a week later our 1sg told us in his office it was just a weather ballon. thing is we had seen a weather ballon go up and we both knew this was much much larger. i think maybe something alien is in the vault at fort knox. sorry this was so long. also i dont know of i was abducted or not as i dont have many of the signs of an abductee.

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Credit: MUFON

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