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Friday, January 5, 2018

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UFO Landing in Omaha, Nebraska on 2016-07-20 00:00:00 - 3 different events of shape shifters\ multiple ufo's\ human involvement with e.T.'s/ pictures of govt. officials dhs/fbi will not help due to national defense\operative sandra marion of 12515 n st. omaha ne was in charge,now bob georgi took over 4 fbi

This involves multiple sightings/e.T.'s at my work/home while being a caretaker of a jewish cemetary.It involves shapeshifters/ufo's/torture 4 7 yrs. of high pitch audio in a dog whistle application non-stop ,now into year 8.It is a manchurian candidate application.I suggest/know that it is govt sanctioned by dhs,fbi,fusion offices,is hiding this case as about 100 felonies by doj offices.For god's sakes please get me some relief,help me.Govt. has twice lied on reports and i was incarcerated in omaha psych hospitals by force,against my will, on false police reports. it involves free masons,shriners,aclu,american red cross and govt.Top secret clearances.They use e.T.'s to commit felonies,it's a national disgrace not national defense...I have police reports proving my case.It is multiple ufo technology....I challenge you to disprove my evidence mufon.I am so screwed. send help now. god bless you. them...Not so much.On my life this is the god's truth. big brother is worse than the nightmares we ever dreamed.I fear for my life,freedom,americans,world. the russians and others are involved in the secret space program.I'm considered a leak by fbi,but the truth is they are inept and disfunctional and get paid too much money to lie to americans.I told cia and 300 other govt.Offices years before the leak was blamed on me.Too much to write.I'm computer/typing amature.Help me please. so help me god

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Credit: MUFON

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