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Tuesday, January 16, 2018

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UFO Sighting in Atlantic Beach, North Carolina on 1992-07-13 13:30:00 - It was round , large and black with silver hue

My husband was mi!Itary we lived in jacksonville n.C on base, we decided to drive to emerald ilse to to go fort macon. we were the only ones there, we decided to leave it was hot,we were walking in the parking lot, there were no other cars, i happened to look towards the beach, i saw a huge round black ball, like a water tower, after a few minutes i noticed nothing was holding it up. it was hovering right next to a 2 story beach house, i yelled at my husband to look, at that moment i asked him, " what's that? and what's holding it up? he looked at me and yelled " get in the car, i stood there for a second , looked at him then turned at looked at the object again and it was gone! at that point we ran to the car and peeled out, i kept looking back to see if i could see it again but it was gone. like i said my husband was a marine, he doesn't scare easy, all the way home we could not believe what we saw. we were only about 100 yards from it, if that, and it was maybe 25ft off the ground. never so scared in all my life, never saw my husband scared like that either. wish i had taken a picture, but it all happened so fast. after my husband refused to talk about it. i don't know if because of the military or he just can't explain what he saw. i remember it like it was yesterday.

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Credit: MUFON

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