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Tuesday, January 9, 2018

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UFO Sighting in Kansas on 2018-01-08 17:30:00 - Large glowing rod about size of aspirin turned on side. hovering between two cloud banks.

Driving between pratt and dodge city kansas heading west at dusk. clouds were in a horazontal banded pattern. noticed large glowing yellow rod of light that i thought was a airplane exhaust trail being lit by sun. very bright, but it didn't change or dissipate or move with the clouds. kept watching it and realized it wasn't moving or changing. it was several miles away and to the southwest. noticed a airplane exhaust trail headed towards it coming from the east, at which time the object ceased to be glowing yellow, and was grey but kept it's shape. object began to move away keeping a vertical bearing staying in front of the airplane. it kept it's rod like shape but appeared smaller as it moved away. after object was out of sight, multiple jet engine exhaust trails criss crossed the area for about 30 minutes. the last unusual thing was a long exhaust trail coming up from the horizon after the small jet engine trails. exhaust trail moved slowly and directly vertical, more like a missle taking off than a plane exhaust. the initial glowing object seemed quite large considering it was very far away and much larger than the jet trails from the criss crossing planes that came after the rod left. the original "rod" had clear borders and did not dissipate like a chemical trail from a plane would, and it had a definite top and bottom border both while glowing and when turned grey. i was approximately 1/2 way between pratt kansas and dodge city ks, with the object to the west and south of my position. i stopped to try and photograph it when it was a grey rod moving away, but my camera phone would not zoom in enough to clearly see the object. based on the distance away, i believe the object was quite large, and sat on top of the lowest band if clouds. the whole episode lasted close to an hour from the time i noticed the object, until the last vertical chem trail. attached picture is not of the object i saw, but the closest image i found on the internet that looked like the object. however, the object i saw never moved into a horizontal or slanted position, but stayed perfectly vertical the entire time even while moving away.

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Credit: MUFON

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