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Sunday, January 28, 2018

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UFO Sighting in Monrovia, California on 2004-05-31 00:00:00 - Object appeared overhead for approximately thirty seconds before vanishing in the span of roughly three seconds

At the time of the encounter, roughly midday, i was laying in a large reclining lawn chair positioned in the center of the lower half of our yard. my mother was approximately thirty feet away, tending to her garden. my dog was in approximately the same area as my mother. for some reason i decided to look directly above me, where i saw the ovular object hovering perhaps three hundred feet directly overhead. if held at arm's length, i would say it would take up roughly the same space as a small pizza along the longest axis of the object.The object was roughly twice as long as it was wide. i distinctly remember feeling curious, wondering what this strange thing was. i also remember feeling a slight apprehension or incredibly mild fear at the sight of object. watching it for several seconds, i noted that it seemed to lack a definite outline, seeming somewhat fuzzy. i blinked several times, fearing i might have accidentally looked at the sun and that this was some strange after effect to no avail- the object remained. the object itself was the deepest, darkest shade of pitch black i have ever seen. there seemed to be no shine, reflectivity, or other light affecting the coloration of the blackness. emanating from the center of the craft was an extremely dark purple pulsation that radiated outward from the center until it reached the edge of the object where it dissipated. watching it for several moments, the object eventually, in the span of one or two seconds, gradually faded out of sight. at no point did it perform any maneuvers or move in any way. i looked up, saw it, watched it, and it disappeared. i remember that it never occurred to look away from the object. i felt fascinated by it, and wanted to keep watching it. i'm also not entirely aware of how much time elapsed; thirty seconds is merely the best estimate i am able to give. being outside, i had no ready access to a timepiece. snapping back to my perceptions, i looked over and saw my mother and dog. i very matter of factly asked her if she had seen the thing in the sky. she then replied, "what thing in the sky?" since she hadn't seen it, i dismissed the conversation with a quick, "never mind". probably the oddest thing about this is that i remember the incident clear as day, while the memory of almost all of my young childhood is extremely faded or nonexistent. i'm not sure if this is relevant, but i feel i should include that i was noted very early in my education as being very intellectually gifted. i was a candidate to skip grades several times and was tested as having the reading ability of a college freshman in the fifth grade. also of note is that as a child, i was absolutely terrified being or sleeping in my own bedroom, such that i was more frightened by being in there than i have ever been by nything else in my life thus far.

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Credit: MUFON

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