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Thursday, January 11, 2018

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UFO Sighting in North Charleston, South Carolina on 2018-01-09 04:30:00 - It was blinking and changing direction

It was 4:30 am, i got into my car, on my way to work. i drove a block down the road and noticed a strange blinking light in the sky. i first thought,”that must be a airplane”. i then noticed it blinking at random and thought “airplanes don’t do that”. i stopped at the stop sign at the next corner, rolled down my window and took a picture. i then turned on my video camera on my phone and zoomed in. i noticed it was a glowing blue circle moving erratically to the north west of me. it was blinking at random. i was freaking out. i lost sight of it, zoomed out while still recording then zoomed back in. it kind of shot off to the south. i had about 15 minutes until i had to be at work, so i turned my camera off and drove to work. later that day, i took a screenshot of the object from my video and it appears to be a glowing blue circle with a black circle in the middle. if you zoom in to the top left “corner” of the object, there appears to be a pretty clear rectangle shape. i posted the video on youtube yesterday. i’m kinda freaking out about this experience. can you explain it?

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Credit: MUFON

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