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Monday, January 1, 2018

New 2015 UFO Sighting

UFO Sighting in Hesperia, Michigan on 2015-07-04 20:13:00 - It was like the poped then moved oddly then they went away

1 (231) 790-6388 we were injoying the night and talking with our family at my brothers house i went to watch the stars and then i saw these orange spheres pop up and then this thing popped up and it had all orange light on the side like it was a big object when i saw the object i got scared and i knew these were ufos because how the smaller objects moved oddly like i can’t describe you know and the big one was just hovering then the orange ones went where you couldn’t see them but then they came back then the smaller ones were gone and the only one their was the bigger ufo and then it was gone just like that i got scared and exited but then all i did was described it to people one few believe me i lost sight of the object when the just suddenly disappeared

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Credit: MUFON

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