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Thursday, January 25, 2018

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UFO Sighting in Cupertino, California on 2018-01-25 05:30:00 - Star-like object flying in straight line slows, moves around, then becomes stationary. dim objects coming and going from object.

I was in my backyard hoping to catch a meteor. i saw what looked like a satellite, or the iss, flying south to north. i've seen satellites before and it was definitely a sat. then from the north (behind me) comes an object with the same brightness as the satellite, slightly brighter. it is moving in the opposite direction as the sat, and the same straight path. it moved slightly to the right when it went past the satellite. that was the first weird thing. i could distinctly see it move around the sat. after passing the sat, it slowed, and moved left, before making a u-turn in a big circle, facing the satellite it just passed. it stopped for a few seconds. then moved toward the satellite. then it went backwards (without appearing to turn around). it moved around a little, as if settling in, and then just stops. there was a star to the west of it. i believe it is called arcturus. but i'm not sure. the star vega was north east of the object. hopefully this helps you locate where it was in the sky. jupiter/mars was south east of the object. i watched it in the same spot for about an hour. during that time, i could see extremely faint/dim "star like objects" coming and going from the original object. some would float away. some would shoot away like a shooting star. this made me feel very uncomfortable. because it was clear there is a group of whatever it was. i have never before seen something this obviously a ufo. i only lost sight of it once daylight came. it never moved the whole time. i think it moved around slightly, but that could just be my imagination. i hope others saw the same thing because it was amazing. i wish i had the ability to record it on video with good quality. all i got was a low quality image. maybe you can analyze it with some program. thank you, aaron

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Credit: MUFON

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