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Wednesday, January 10, 2018

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UFO Sighting in Davis, California on 1963-07-10 00:00:00 - ufo came down river two days in a row in front of dozens of witnesses i am not positive if that was the actual name of the river or the camp ground

Ok, here goes! i have keep this secret for far too many years. i am now 66 years old and what can they do to me now? last year i finally spoke to my sister about the incident. she was worried we were not supposed to talk about it(she is now 64 yrs old). we were amazed to find we each had the same exact memory! we remember every thing including the military jeeps and being told to go to the club house. there a military man told all of us this was to be top secret. we were threatened and told never to speak to anyone including each other. never again did anyone of us speak of this incident. in the summer of 1963 i was 12 and my sister was 10. we were sent to sebastopol,california to stay the summer with aunt lou and uncle alex.They had a summer camp on putah creek river. they went to it each year.I guess they had bought a lot on the river. uncle alex had built a shower house,a kitchen,and sleeping area that was all screened in, large enough to accommodate several large beds. the area between the kitchen and sleeping area was very large and lots of lawn chairs were always in a semi circle facing the river.All the camps were built by different people.A dusty road ran past to all the camps.The camps were all on one side of the road. my sister, myself and other kids would walk down the road to the "club house" to get a soda or ice cream. on the first day, it was almost dusk,all us kids had played all day. there was a large tree that hung out over the river with a rope swing, we took turns for hours, swinging out and swimming back to go again. we were just told to get out of the water and get dried off for dinner. we were standing there with our towels around us watching the deer coming down to drink. to the left of us there was something happening. coming down the river was a huge object. it was about 20 or 30 feet above the water. it followed the river, as it got close to us, every thing stopped and stood still. i remember the deer standing still, looking at us. everything stopped for a few moments, no bird sounds, no campers, nothing except a quite swishing sound. it was so quite you weren't even sure if you were hearing it or feeling it. it was large, kind of like an egg that had been smashed almost flat. around the center were the most beautiful colors,reds,pinks,blues purples,white. the colors went all the way around the craft and changed all the time, kind of pulsating. we were all transfixed as it went slowly past us and continued down the river until it was out of sight. we felt no fear. all the grown ups were talking and all of us walked up to the club house. connie francis was playing, where the boys are, on the load speaker.I just know something important just happened. the second day i woke up to see army jeeps going up and down the road. seems like the sheriff was also there. i don't remember much of that day. around dusk all up and down the river people were lined up on the shore in case it came back. only one deer was across the river. sure enough here it came hovering over the water no sound at all. as it past us i remember looking looking into the deers eyes as it also watched. again no sound but beautiful colors in a circular motion around the middle. when it was a few hundred yards past it shot up into the air and disappeared. then the sounds of helicopters, planes and jeeps, men yelling, and dust in the air. the army came racing by on mega phones telling us to walk to the club house immediately. road blocks were set up and no one was allowed to leave. now we were scared. as every one crowded into the club house area soldiers stood around with guns. a "general" or someone of rank talked to the grown ups. then he looked at each one of us and said " no one is ever allowed to speak of what you think you saw. grown ups were threatened with jail time or worse. never again was a word ever spoken, even to each other as far as i know. the third day we left the river and headed to my uncle's cattle ranch. i think it was around one or two hours away. when we arrived the military was there. several dead cows laid around. a huge round burnt circle was a few hundred yards from the house. men in white suits and geiger counters for radiation. after a few days they left and life went back to " normal". before we went back to school we all went to his ranch on the coast. so that is my true story. thank you for letting me tell it before i get dementia, or die. lol maybe there is someone out there who can also remember this event.

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Credit: MUFON

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