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Wednesday, January 10, 2018

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UFO Sighting in Austin, Texas on 2007-01-01 15:30:00 - I saw out airplane window during elevation climb out my window seat. big round metallic sphere.

I was climbing elevation as a passenger on a commercial airline that initiated from milwaukee to austin texas i believe en route to san juan puerto rico. i was attempting to relax in my seat as flying made me very nervous so i was seated with my eyes closed and was in this position for approximately 5 minutes possibly a bit more. i believe we were at a elevation of between 10-20 k feet and climbing still when i decided to open my eyes as the bumps and such were making me more nervous as i was in a feeling mode instead of a visual mode which is why i choose to always book the window seat as my ability to look out the window and see the beauty of the clouds and sky usually will give me some what of a calming affect it takes me from visualizing the beauty i'm seeing as to opposed to only feeling bumps and shakes of the plane and the unknown. as i decided to consciously look out the window i began to scan as far out as i could see as i could see for most likely hundreds of miles as we were minutes and hundreds or thousands of feet above the cloud cover below. while scanning the majesty of the sky and clouds below i happened to look down and back at about my 7-8 o clock position i saw a relatively large sphere or complete circular object. this object was at the 7-8 position as mentioned but also below us and out quite a distance. i would guess it was between 1-3k feet below us and out away from the plane about the same distance 1-3k feet away. as we all know everything is relative and with nothing to compare it to in the sky and at that altitude exact size and distance cannot be exact. however i believe if i were to place a bet on my estimates i would be in the ball park of what i have stated. if i were to guess the overall distance away from the plane i would guess it to be between 3-5k feet away at a diagonal down and out away from from the plane. i will note i was also sitting on the left side of the plane about mid plane. if i were to guess at the size of the object i would guess from 25-50ft in diameter. i cannot say with certainty although it must have been relatively big as i could see it clear as day and from the distance i indicated but without anything to compare it to i cannot say with 100 % certainty. what i can say is i believe if it were a full size airline at that distance it would have been alarming to me as i know there is a 2 mile bubble of which planes must keep at a minimum. so i believe i am very close with my estimates. i cannot say with certainty as to the speed of the ufo but what i can say definitively is that the object had to be traveling at a speed less than us as we were increasing speed as we continued to climb and were at a speed i'm guessing to be at around 350-450 miles per hour and we continued to pull away from this object. if the object was stationary it would lead me to 2 conclusions and that is 1) we would have been pulling away from it at a greater speed and 2) if it were stationary it would have to be much larger than what i estimated because of the rate at which the airplane began to pull away from the object and as the object began to give the sense that it was shrinking as the distance increased. when i initially saw the object i immediately alerted my girlfriend who was sitting next to me at the time and i believe i did not use the term ufo at the time but rather a big round metallic silver object. although i knew of the ufo phenomena at that time i was not interested or "into" the subject of ufo's at that time like i'am today. if i were i surely would have attempted to video it as well as alert the other passengers. lastly i will note at the time of my siting i was a part time scout for a mlb baseball team so my attention to detail was paramount and my job depended on my ability to evaluate things from top to bottom or head to toes. i will end by saying would give anything to be able to see such a thing now that i'm very much into the subject. i will also say i have since encountered other ufo's traveling across the skies but all were at night and nothing as clear or definitive as the one one noted above. thank you for your time.

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Credit: MUFON

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