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Monday, January 22, 2018

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UFO Sighting in Wells, Maine on 2018-01-20 17:20:00 - Tear drop / triangle shape. 3 solid white lights. no flashing, no sound

Saturday, january 20 2018, roughly 5:20ish pm est. 1.) outside with another adult and 2 children sledding in the backyard. 2.) the object was spotted accidently as i had pointed out to my brother in law that the stars were starting to come out. i had actually jokingly said that i come out at night and star gaze hoping to see a star that would just suddenly move. he then said....Like that? i assumed he was joking and was stunned when seeing the lights. 3.) at first we assumed it was a normal aircraft. he spotted it first and said what is that? then it disappeared. it then reappeared and that's when i spotted it. 4.) the craft moved in a straight line across the sky. had what i believe was 3 lights. they were solid white. it seemed to be similar to a tear drop or triangle kind of shape. couldn't make out much other than the 3 lights. we watched it move across the sky, maybe 4-5 seconds and then it was gone. it didn't flash away, it didn't slowly pull away, it was just gone. growing up close to an international airport and currently living near a small airport i am pretty familiar with seeing aircraft. i have never spotted an aircraft that made no noise or did not have flashing lights. the no noise struck me more than the solid lights. this was a lot closer than commercial airliners or the prop planes from the local airport ever are and i can always hear them. 5.) i looked at my bro in law and just said....."wtf was that?" he just kept repeating...'where the hell did it go?' 6.) the craft just disappeared...

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Credit: MUFON

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