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Wednesday, January 24, 2018

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UFO Sighting in Brandon, Florida on 2018-01-07 20:00:00 - Diamond shaped object with green lights outlining the craft and a bright org red beam that grew

On this sunday evening, i was waving a tearful goodbye to my sons following a 3 week visit. as they turned the corner, and were out of sight, i stood in the driveway, crying. suddenly my attention was on what i thought was some kind of christmas light in my mohter's neighbor across the street's live oak tree. then it occurred to me that christmas light ornaments don't move. i moved away to get a clear view of the object, which appeared to me to be like a 1980s style space ship. i watched it moving northward when suddenly a burst of light obscured the green and orange red lights and 4 lights separated and two were significantly brighter from my perspective, and had moved in opposite directions from one another for approximately 5 inches of sky and then stopped immediately. the lights were now whitish and resembled stars, as if some object was using a star light to camouflage itself. however, above these lights, what i saw is very difficult to explain, but i think the best way to describe it is approximately 3 or 4 swirls of fireworks. it looked like some kind of inter dimensional portal opening up. it was very surreal. some things about this event at about this time are confusing to me. i dont have "missing time" but it seems like maybe i should. i tried to get video shortly after i began to see the object, but my camera on my phone would not pick it up. i have kept it as a time stamp and as a diary for what i described. i was suddenly overcome with a feeling of assurance that all would be okay, and that something had not wanted us to be sad about parting. i felt a million times better, instantly after seeing the object separate. i texted my sons, but before i could send it, i received a text from my son, exclaiming that the three of them had seen something crazy. he also sent me pics from his iphone, and apparently they all watched this for several minutes as well. i can give you all of their contact info and sign parental release for them to answer any questions you may have for them.

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Credit: MUFON

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