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Sunday, January 14, 2018

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UFO Sighting in June Lake, California on 2010-07-25 00:00:00 - A ufo hovered 15 ft above my jeep. lights shone through the metal roof and woke me up. no windows on roof. hovered 5 minutes and left.

I was camped by grant lake in the town of june lake, ca, with my brother. we were on a road trip and had just returned to the area after visiting family in socal. we were sleeping in a jeep cherokee 2 door,1987 model. i awoke suddenly because of a bright light. i am very sensitive to light, and my brother is not. i sat straight up, staring at a bright white light above me, about 15 feet above my head. my first reaction was that it was a cop. no other vehicles were around. it was not a cop. i immediately glanced at my brother who was sleeping, relieved that he was there. the light came from directly above the jeep. it was shining through my metal roof. the roof did not have a window/moon roof/ sun roof. the light appeared to function differently than most lights because it was shining through the metal jeep roof yet was not painful on my eyes. the light was coming from an object, about 20 feet long and rectangular and hovering directly overhead. it was definitely purposely hovering over my jeep. i looked around and nothing was missing, first looking at my brother, then at my belongings such as an iching book and a bundle of sage in a conch shell. everything was where it was when i fell asleep. i thought about waking my brother but decided not to. i noticed my hair was moving from a wind coming from the object above me. it made no sound whatsoever. just a light, and wind. i could feel the wind on my face, though it was not blowing very hard. i felt sort of stunned but not actually afraid. it felt like i was being scanned. i sat there staring straight up at the object above me for about 5 minutes. then it flew away so quickly i could not see where it went, but it seemed to ascend and practically disappear all in a second. it left very quickly and noiselessly. afterwards, i was still stunned. it took me a long time to fall back asleep. i told my brother about it in the morning, asking him if he saw it but he said he was sound asleep. i have never forgotten this incident and have told a few people about it but felt compelled to report it now that i can without feeling stigmatized due to recent news disclosures.

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Credit: MUFON

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