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Monday, January 1, 2018

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UFO Sighting in McKeesport, Pennsylvania on 1970-07-15 19:00:00 - My brother and i were playing in the street and he suddenly told me to look in the sky at the ufo. i looked and saw the ufo.

The above info is in regard to the first alleged, ufo my brother and i saw as children. it was summer and my brother and i were playing at dusk when my brother told me to look in the sky at the ufo. i looked up and saw a silver disc descend, ascend the zoom away. my brother and i were very excited. we told this to everyone we knew. no one knew what to do and most people didn't believe us. my brother and i were telling the truth about what we saw and it looked like what we saw identified on tv as ufo's. i was fortunate enough to have a neighbor who took this seriously and told my family and i about her own experiences, expertise and knowledge about what my brother and i initially reported. this neighbor told us there was a radio station that would talk about this because there were a lot of people reporting many unexplained and unknown, ufo and other events, experiences, and sightings like we did. since we were children regarding this initial event, i believe that is why no one we knew ever pursued this in our behalf. - prior to this first incident and throughout the duration of my life from childhood to present, many unexplained and unknown events, experiences and sightings first occurred in this area which may all be related or separate. this initial area was once the home of three american indian tribes, there is sacred land and indian artifacts everywhere. over the years, the pattern is that i have had many other unresolved events, experiences and sightings with the unexplained and unknown in many areas i lived; california, new york, pennsylvania, and england. every area i lived where this happened i contacted a variety of experts who all had differing opinions that all i got out of it was confusion, frustration, temporarily giving up, more fear, isolation and to date this continues and remains unresolved. to date, i remain very scared, and can't be alone in the dark. my own research, past and present showed that in all the areas this occurred were areas that had others having the same and similar experiences ant not being able to resolve them. i have my own cross over theory about this and need to speak with credible experts in those fields to see if they are related. no one i researched has explored what i think might be a crossover discovery into more than just ufo's. note: i will only share this with credible experts who can show their credentials, like mufon. please help me solve this.

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Credit: MUFON

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