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Wednesday, January 31, 2018

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UFO Sighting in Bengaluru, Karnataka on 2018-01-31 19:20:00 - Saw multiple star-like orbs in and around the constellation of orion. mostly near the belt stars and the torso stars, moving closer and farther away from each other, flickering and hovering in the same position for a few minutes and then disappearing.

I was on the rooftop viewing the super blue blood moon on 31st january 2018, with my parents. it was a moderately clear sky, with the orion constellation being the most prominently visible group of stars & then a few apart from the moon. my mum saw what appeared to be 2 stars moving towards each other like heading towards a collision. i saw it just in time to see them pass each other, move a bit further & stop to hover in a stationary position for about 2 minutes. this happened in the torso region of the orion constellation which was in the east direction of the night sky. this is definitely not an aircraft as it was at such a high altitude that my dad thought it was just another star when i showed it to him when it was hovering. we then spotted an actual aircraft traveling from the south to the west direction & it had more prominent flickering red lights & it was clearly at a lower altitude than what we had witnessed. we then turned our gaze towards the moon for a few moments to enjoy the eclipse. then as i was trying to explain to my dad what we had seen earlier, i pointed to orion's belt to explain the orion's constellation & to my surprise i spotted 4 stars in orion's belt instead of 3. then as i looked on in awe, 1 of the stars farthest from my position in orion's belt moved to the region which would be the orion's torso region approximately. simultaneously, 2 other objects which i had previously assumed to be stars moved towards this object which was moving from the belt's line. the 3 objects seemed to meet at a point somewhere in the torso region of orion & seemed to disappear without a trace all of a sudden as we were witnessing it. there were no sounds/noises audible. the color from the flickering seemed to be shades of white/silver indistinguishable from other stars in the night sky except for their in size. the objects seemed to be of a slightly smaller size in comparison to the actual stars & also seemed to shine slightly dimmer than actual stars. no other details could be observed. the event took place between 19:20-19:50 indian standard time. i could not capture the event digitally as i was not carrying my phone or my camera with me at the time.

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Credit: MUFON

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