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Tuesday, January 23, 2018

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Black Triangle Sighting in Grantsburg, Wisconsin on 2004-12-22 00:00:00 - Hovered over vehicle from one side of road to the other then hovered in field next to road and turned invisible. dissapeared instantly.

One of the events i experienced ( along with my wife ) happened in 2003. i went to the local news paper with my story but, the gentleman who interviewed me was deaf or very hard of hearing. so unfortunately there were many details that were not right in the news paper article. so here is my sighting from my mouth. around 10:30 or so in mid december 2003. my wife and i were driving home to a town called frederic from visiting some friends in grantsburg. traveling south on hwy 87 just before our turn onto hwy 48 to head east toward frederic we observed a stationary orange light off to the south west over the trees. it looked like the light of a tower but bigger. my wife and i both noticed it at about the same time and had been watching it for a minute or so without saying anything to each other. as we came up to our turn we both looked at each other and asked if the other sees that light. we aknowledged we did and she asked me if there was a tower in that area. growing up in grantsburg i was very familiar with the area and i said "no there is no tower over there." so i said keep driving (she was driving). so we continued past our turn onto 48 and followed 87 south to go and try to see what this light was. i think it's important to mention that we were the only car on the road at this time. so we continued south and lost sight of the light behind the trees because it is open field until the trees come right up to the side of road just after you pass 48. so we continued to drive and contimplated taking our next right onto cty rd o in order to head the direction the light was over the trees. we decided against it knowing there was a small clearing just after o on the right side maybe we could get a look at what it was from there. as soon as the trees cleared on the right there it was! hovering in the clearing and moving towards us. a large orange rectangular light. it was at this point i noticed that we were in a line of cars. some in front of us and some behind, almost bumper to bumper and all traveling the same speed. the object flew right over the top of us just high enough to clear the trees. it continued until it got to the east or left side of the road and then paralleled us above the trees. as we came up to a clearing on the left side of the road in front of the wood lake bible camp. the lights started to change. not all of them tho. the large rectangular orange light on the back of the craft was made up of small rows of lights each contained in their own large rectangle running horizontally along the back of the entire craft. the lights in the rectangle left of center started turning blue one horizontal row at a time and continuing down row by row. as the second row lit up blue, the rectangle of rows of lights to the right of it did the same thing but turning red this time. as this was happening the craft started to decend down into the clearing along side of the road lower than the trees. at this time we came up along side of it and got a look at the craft itself. the craft was black and shiny. i was looking at the craft for about 10 seconds and then it turned invisible or see through. i could see the trees behind the craft but it was like looking through water at them. at this moment a large white light flashed blindingly bright from the front of the object and 1 to 2 seconds later did it again flashing that blinding white light from the front and the next thing i know it was gone. i looked in front and behind us because i wanted to see if any of the other vehicles were stopped cause i wanted to talk with them about what just happened but there was no other vehicles on the road with us. they had just disappeared. we were all alone on the road again.

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Credit: MUFON

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