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Monday, January 1, 2018

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UFO Sighting in Colorado on 2010-05-06 10:00:00 - Disc shaped flying saucer

i don't remember the exact dates but i had boarded a plane in tulsa oklahoma and i was flying into las vegas to visit my son. i am not sure what state we were flying over but i was about an hour or so before landing.  i felt the planes engines slow down and wondered if the pilot was being notified to slow down to avoid other air traffic.  i was looking out the window to see if i would be able to see anything when a (typically described) flying saucer or silver disc shot across the front of the plane and on to the east side of the plane.  i had the window seat and immediately jabbed the poor guy sitting next to me with my elbow and said look!  i wanted a witness. lol  he immediately jabbed the guy next to him and the three of us sat there with our mouths open.   it was a shiny silver disk with no wings and no tail.  completely round and saucer shaped. it had a heat wave type shimmer coming from the rear and was going at an incredible speed. it was way out of sight in seconds. i knew that this had to be ours (u.S.) because it had obviously been relayed to the plane to slow down to avoid contact since you could obviously feel the plane slow down. my primary thoughts at the time was where are we getting this kind of technology?? when we landed in las vegas the pilot was standing at the door.  i stopped and asked him what that was that had passed so close to the plane.  he mumbled something about turbulence when landing and i said no, this was about an hour or so ago.  he got a funny look on his face and sort of looked at the ceiling and said in a voice that meant just the opposite "i didn't see a thing".  i laughed and exited the plane. i told my son about it that evening and he said he knew someone from church that everyone sort of knew worked at the new area 51, or at least every monday he gets on a plane and about an hour or so later gets off for work and is flown back home later.  my son described what i had seen to his friend and he kind of smiled and all he said was "that sounds about right" while watching the josh gates episodes about ufos the guy on there kept saying there was no technology out there that could duplicate what people were seeing. well there is and we are duplicating it. what i saw was a true flying saucer. i wish i knew what else it could do and where we are getting the technology from.

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Credit: MUFON

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