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Thursday, January 11, 2018

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UFO Sighting in Soldotna, Alaska on 1970-03-10 15:05:00 - Mom and i saw the ship as we were stopping to turn on the highway . missing time. hovering above us ,then flew so fast .Gone in 4 seconds

It was a sunday afternoon . i was about 9 . i was watching the wind and world of sports . mom said get your coat we're going today sterling .We were homesteaders . our private road was about 1 mile to the highway . just as we got to the highway , all of the sudden , there is a bright airship . lights were bright . then it took off towards the east, in the direction of skilak lake. it was gone , about as long as it takes to let out your breath . when we got home , walt disney was over . a 1 hour trip had lated 4 hours , or so .We were excited . mom was freaked out . i thought it tree was cool. mom told everyone .No body took her serious . i only told my 2 best friends , and my 3rd and current wife. now you guys know . in addition , i noticed our lake , whisper lake . water level drop 15 foot from the late 60s till the early 90s . the level has not dropped in 25 year's .

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Credit: MUFON

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