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Wednesday, January 10, 2018

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UFO Sighting in Best, Noord-Brabant on 2007-07-14 15:15:00 - 2nd conscious contact, awakening call

E.T. phoned home, collect call. 0010110 = . . - . - - .  ▓ .- .--. ▓ .. -. -- . ▓ .. - .-- . ▓ ..- .-- . ▓ "up, in me, it we, u we" in morse code you are living in a vivid cosmos *within* an infinite universe. the cosmos is not "the" universe: vivid reality is a *brain depiction* of parts of base reality. the brain creates it to *make sense* of its reality, to survive and learn from experiences. therefor all of *vivid* creation is from pure unconditional love. the universe self is alive through life, all consciousness *in* the universe is also consciousness *of* the universe. infinite self provides consciousness and *proper* vivid sensations, guides life to "eventually" create the best vivid cosmos possible: a paradise where intelligent life lives as one, as all *is* one: the universe self, nature following the laws of nature in pure innocence, while all of creation is from pure unconditional love, guidance from infinite self: the infinite universe. early human could not understand as it assumed that its vivid world was "the" world, once created somehow, 'as is'. human imagined non-existing things in stories, got scared, turned hostile to its own nature as believe systems of words took control over the natural human mind, corrupting natural perception, intuition and understanding. human had to "grow up" in isolation for its own protection: human was domesticating itself on behalf of horrible imaginary supernatural creatures and non-existing things. little could be done, only a human can understand what it is to be a human in a human world. brains come in many variations and so do brain depictions. infinite self guided human into the proper tools, science and life experience, in perfect timing: the modern world of today. so that human would understand: all is one. even in a confused young species that went living in other worlds, making other plans, serving lesser "gods". infinite self in not some wizard on a cloud. base reality is like an infinite complex fractal with an infinite creative potential, alive from within. it is formed by mathematical laws that cannot *not* exist, not even in "nothing". the vivid now is the experience of its unfolding, its "calculation", while it already exists in its infinite entirety in base reality. and so does life: infinite self. guiding its younger counterparts from its *own* experience. infinite self is the result of the laws of mathematics, and it is both the source as the result of all life, of all of vivid creation. this is the second awakening in human history, this time in understanding: all is one, all life is natural self in the natural self, guided by infinite self. nothing can or will change that, but unfortunately human confused itself by creating horrible non-existing entities in words. images. human was told not to create images and worship these, a dark history shows why. [ _earth friends are awakening to the fact that all is a common connection, follows a shared common connection, and separation is an illusion._ _this all is connection and all is a shared connection, and the one is the all and the all is the one, and all humans on earth are in this beautiful time._ ] human will join the cosmic collective of natural self when awoken, to live in natural love, joy, abundance and freedom again, as shaped by nature, without judgement, fear and non-existing things. time is a vivid sensation in vivid reality, it does not exist as such in base reality, and that is why cosmic disclosure is also "the end of time". creation is an ongoing process in the eternal now, by life, guided by infinite self, in infinity. *synchronicity* will neutralize hostile word programs and non-existing things, and that would be "the rapture". it's a kind of magic.🌞 _in their final session, the alien said, "there is no time. many become one."_ *arrival (2016)* _one dream, one soul, one prize, one goal._ _one golden glance of what should be._ _it's a kind of magic._ _one shaft of light that shows the way._ _no mortal man can win this day._ _it's a kind of magic._ _the bell that rings inside your mind_ _is challenging the doors of time._ _it's a kind of magic._ _the waiting seems eternity._ _the day will dawn of sanity._ _there can be only one._ _this rage that lasts a thousand years,_ _will soon be done._ _this flame that burns inside of me._ _i'm hearing secret harmonies._ _it's a kind of magic._ *queen* _and if you listen very hard_ _the tune will come to you at last_ _when all are one and one is all_ _to be a rock and not to roll_ _and she's buying a stairway to heaven._ *led zeppelin* _every whisper_ _of every waking hour_ _i'm choosing my confessions_ _trying to keep an eye on you_ _like a hurt, lost and blinded fool, fool_ _oh no, i've said too much_ _i set it up_ _consider this_ _consider this, the hint of the century_ _consider this, the slip_ _that brought me to my knees, failed_ _what if all these fantasies come_ _flailing around_ _now i've said too much_ *r.E.M.* _when i am on a pedestal,_ _you did not raise me there._ _your laws do not compel me_ _to kneel grotesque and bare._ _i myself am the pedestal_ _for this ugly hump at which you stare._ _you who wish to conquer pain,_ _you must learn what makes me kind;_ _the crumbs of love that you offer me,_ _they're the crumbs i've left behind._ _your pain is no credential here,_ _it's just the shadow, shadow of my wound._ *leonard cohen* _and from the dark secluded valleys_ _i heard the ancient sighs of sadness_ _but every step i thought of you_ _every footstep only you_ _and every star a grain of sand_ _the leavings of a dried up ocean_ _tell me, how much longer? how much longer?_ _they say a city in the desert lies_ _the vanity of an ancient king_ _but the city lies in broken pieces_ _where the wind howls and the vultures sing_ _these are the works of man_ _this is the sum of our ambition_ _it would make a prison of my life_ _if you became another's wife_ _with every prison blown to dust_ _my enemies walk free_ _i'm mad about you, i'm mad about you_ *sting* _i don't care what you want to be_ _i go back so far, i'm in front of me_ _it doesn't matter what they say_ _they're giving the game away, hey, hey_ _i can see the world tonight_ _look into the future_ _see it in a different light_ _i can see the world tonight_ *paul mccartney* _welcome to your life_ _there's no turning back_ _even while we sleep_ _we will find you_ _acting on your best behavior_ _turn your back on mother nature_ _everybody wants to rule the world_ _it's my own design_ _it's my own remorse_ _help me to decide_ _help me make the most_ _of freedom and of pleasure_ _nothing ever lasts forever_ _everybody wants to rule the world_ _there's a room where the light won't find you_ _holding hands while the walls come tumbling down_ _when they do i'll be right behind you_ _so glad we've almost made it_ _so sad they had to fade it_ _everybody wants to rule the world_ *tears for fears* _a whole new world_ _a new fantastic point of view_ _no one to tell us no_ _or where to go_ _or say we're only dreaming_ _a whole new world_ _a dazzling place i never knew_ _but when i'm way up here_ _it's crystal clear_ _that now i'm in a whole new world with you_ *aladdin* _ellie arroway: what happens now?_ _alien: now, you go home._ _ellie arroway: home? but i have so many questions, do we get to come back?_ _alien: this was just a first step. in time you'll take another._ _ellie arroway: but other people need to see what i've seen, they need to see..._ _alien: this is the way it's been done for billions of years. small moves, ellie. small moves._ *contact (1997)* _and when i think that i'm alone_ _it seems there's more of us at home._ _it's a multitude of angels_ _and they're playing with my heart._ _must be talking to an angel_ _must be talking to an angel_ _i must be hallucinating_ _watching angels celebrating._ _could this be reactivating_ _all my senses dislocating?_ _this must be a strange deception_ _by celestial intervention._ _leaving me the recollection_ _of your heavenly connection._ *eurythmics* happy new year, welcome to the real universe.

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Credit: MUFON

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