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Tuesday, January 23, 2018

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UFO Sighting in Deltona, Florida on 2018-01-07 19:10:00 - This changed my life. i was the only witness, i cannot cope with what i have seen now.

I had just dropped off my fiance at work and was pulling out of the parking lot in my van. i looked up and saw a very bright orange light. i knew immediately that what i was seeing was strange at the least. i pulled forward into the publix parking lot at dupont lakes center. i continued to watch the bright orange/red object as its light went dim. i got out of my car to witness the object with no obstruction. the light was orange with a red glowing trail behind it. it started to conduct maneuvers i have never seen any other aircraft preform. then another u.F.O. showed up and it was bright white, until it had seemed to be pulling energy from the first craft. then what follows next literally changed my life. i know in my heart this happened and i don't blame anyone if they do not believe me. what i saw was a what seems to be the very fabric of the sky itself open up. what lied beneath appeared to be holographic. the two orbs held a light/energy between each other. the light turned blue and it was amazing. truly this was just as beautiful as it was shocking. the blue light covered both ufos and they disappeared instantly any remnants of the lights were gone, just like that. i stayed in the parking lot and after losing my shit. i collected my cool and realized no one would ever believe what i had seen. i saw the light once more appear about 100 feet away from where i saw the first and then expected the lights to follow it again. but this time is was only the orange light and then poof gone again. i took a video in hopes i would catch it on camera but i sadly could not. i got a call from my mom very shortly afterward and she had asked me to bring the van back, i told her what had just happened and now she thought i was on drugs. she demanded i bring the van back home at once. i knew i should keep my mouth shut but i also told some friends in hope they would believe me knowing i don't make things up like this. i'm not even into the whole u.F.O. thing. they also did not believe me. but if you live in deltona please look up.

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Credit: MUFON

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