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Wednesday, January 10, 2018

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UFO Sighting in Tamworth, England on 2017-12-31 17:25:00 - Florescent, purple orb with green / turquoise tail traveling at very high speed

I was getting ready at 17.25pm to go out for new years eve, waiting for my partner to get out of the shower. we have a skylight in our bedroom of our three storey house. our garden faces north, i noticed the moon was very bright, larger than normal and was also a full moon. looking at the moon to my right at about 2oclock( location wise) and stars for a few minutes it began to cloud over, quite breezy but blowing the clouds across the moon. i could see the usual planes high up, flashing red lights at different altitudes through the clouds. the wind direction was blowing north, cloud levels were at different heights, some blowing north easterly, i then noticed out the corner of my eye to the left( approx. 9 o'clock direction) traveling from north easterly to west, in the lower cloud line, a purple orb / tear drop giving off a florescent green / turquoise tail. if the object was the size of an aspirin the tail was an inch long. there was no vapour or smoke trail like you would get from a jet. firstly i thought a shooting star, but this was too low, too vivid in colour and was going through the lower clouds and much lower than a helicopter, and thousands of feet lower than any aircraft. it had direction, straight then swerved , then straight again. the colours were breath taking, the clouds reflected the colours and magnified within. at a guess i would say it was below 1000ft. 2 miles away, we have houses along the ridge horizontally and this was between us and them. i've seen shooting stars and this definitely wasn't one! i watched the object travel out of sight, as the rate of speed was incredible, i was like wow, in awe of this beautiful object, speechless but excited. it seemed as though it was shielded at the front appearing like a car in a wind tunnel, deflecting clouds that were in front of it, similar to a space rocket re entering earths atmosphere is probably the nearest analogy. two days later, i came into work and was speaking to one of my staff about the incident. he lives 8 miles away and backs onto an army barracks (forge lodge in sutton coldfield) that is very low key, has us military staff and uk alike....Admin apparently!!! very residential area. his wife works at the base and knows the (admin officers) very well. on new years eve they had a thunder storm around 20.00pm, that lit up the house followed by a large boom, unlike thunder. this was then followed by two army helicopters a few minutes later from out of no where. the following day after we had spoken, he had mentioned to his wife about my viewing of an object and she replied "funny that, an object had been reported flying around the west midlands on new years eve." this was mentioned to her by an army officer. tamworth, birmingham and cannock are all in the west midlands uk.

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Credit: MUFON

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