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Saturday, January 20, 2018

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UFO Sighting in Monterey County, California on 1966-04-15 00:00:00 - Army platoon saw unidentified air craft take off from hillside across canyon from army base. craft went off over pacific ocean, changed direction several times and disappeared over water

I was a member of an infantry training platoon at fort ord, california in april 1966. we were on a night land navigation exercise on a hillside on fort ord federal lands, and to the south below us was the road going east over to salinas, and across the canyon was an adjacent mountainside that was at that time, i think, civilian public lands. it was between 7 or 8 pm when, without warning, a huge, brightly lit aerial craft took off from the adjacent deserted mountainside, and startled everyone in my platoon who were witnessing the event. the distance across the canyon to the craft taking off was at least one mile, but whatever was taking place was clear and obvious and visible to everyone who was looking over in that direction. everyone seeing this event commented at the time that whatever this event was, it was extraordinary and unexplainable. at the time, the adjacent mountainside had been dark but when the aircraft took off, it was accompanied with a great deal of light and there was some kind of loud roaring noise. the aircraft, which was brightly lit and had no identifiable shape, headed out in a straight path over the monterey peninsula and went out over monterey bay and then the distant ocean. it seemed to change direction a couple of times as if it were piloted, and it eventually disappeared out over the water some distance from the land, but it took a long time, and there were some other aircraft lights at the time in proximity to the craft we were watching. everyone in the platoon stood for at least 10 to 15 minutes watching this event and we all agreed we had all witnessed, as stated before, something unexplainable. i can say with some certainty that this aircraft seemed to be piloted, as opposed to being some kind of missile, and it took off from public lands and not the army base, so it does not seem likely this was any type of military aircraft. i am reporting this now, some 50 years later, with the idea that this event might be archived with any other unexplained events in the fort ord and monterey bay area during that time. my army training unit was 1st platoon, hhc, 2nd bn, 2nd bde, advanced infantry training, fort ord, california, march to may 1966.

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Credit: MUFON

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