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Friday, January 5, 2018

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UFO Sighting in Casselberry, Florida on 2018-01-04 06:25:00 - Flashing red and white lights, hovering at first in the south before departing to the east and a pulsating sound heard only upon departure

At approximately 0625 i checked for morning weather through a door window and first observed incredibly bright (i estimated they were led-type lights) red and white flashing lights to the south/southwest. i went outside to observe. the lights moved west/east slightly, hovering just above treetop level; i could hear no sound at this point. my initial inclination was that the object was a drone because it was hovering so steadily; however, when the lights moved to a position behind a distant palm tree, i discounted that it was a drone because, if it was a drone, the size would have to be incredibly large. i also discounted that it was a blimp as there was no discernable outline of an object - i was simply seeing lights. i also discounted that it was an aircraft (on approach or otherwise) because the lights were far too bright for any aircraft that i had ever seen (i am a former air traffic controller and flight navigator) and the object did not appear to be approaching/closing in my direction. moreover, the lights, in the configuration i was witnessing, didn't fit any that i'd seen in my 12 year aviation career. at some point, the lights began a direct movement toward the east/southeast, remaining just above treetop level all the while. interestingly, the light configuration and pace of flashing did not change when departing in that direction. it was then, just after departing, that i heard what seemed to be a pulsating sound, very low in intensity and at a pace of about 2 pulses per second. the object continued east/southeast and remained just above treetop level until it disappeared at the horizon. (i could sketch a drawing if needed.)

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Credit: MUFON

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