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Monday, January 29, 2018

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UFO Sighting in Elyria, Ohio on 2018-01-26 18:53:00 - Glowing orb - no noise - changes direction

First sighting: january 26th 2017 6:54pm i was was standing in my parents driveway when i witnessed a very bright glowing circle/oval to the nw heading in my direction. it reminded me of something i caught on video during the summer that ended up disappearing from my gallery. it was actually the exact same thing i had seen during the summer. the thing i first noticed was that there were no lights blinking, so i knew it wasn't a plane or helicopter. it was just a bright white glow as if a star had come down from space and was instead low in the sky and on a straight path. the second thing i noticed was that as it got closer, everything was silent. my parent's house is in a very quiet area. there is no sound whatsoever. the thing moved like it was almost just floating along. it was much lower in the sky than any plane would ever be in the area. in the video, the thing moves straight passed the moon headed directly for a star. when i say "and it's going" at 58 seconds, it almost unnoticeably changes direction and ends up passing between the moon and star instead. near the end of the sighting i was watching the object in the sky and noticed that my phone was still accidentally capturing the bright star the object had passed by. i looked away from the object for a few seconds to try and adjust my phone to continue capturing the object and within that time the object had in some way disappeared. it was just gone. there was no cloud cover. if was like it hit a delete button and was immediately gone. second sighting: 1 hour drive away from first sighting january 28th 2017 6:14pm i was driving west on the highway when my child said "hey that looks like that thingy we saw at grandma's!" it indeed did. it was a bit different experience because rather than being pitch black dark in a quiet area it was sunset in the city. it was moving north to south right out in front of us. no blinking lights again, and low. i managed to get a bit of video but when the thing went behind the clouds it never came out the other side. the clouds weren't large or anything either. it would have taken maybe 5-7 seconds for the thing to pass through to the other side. it behaved in the same way, looked the same, no sound, just a bright glowing star like low flying object. i will send the second video by email to an area investigator.

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Credit: MUFON

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